Global Supremacy Overview & Screenshots

Global Supremacy is a GPS-based strategy game with deeply social (as in “friends” rather than “Facebook”) interaction. We’re excited to present this game and hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it!

What is Global Supremacy?

Global Supremacy is a GPS location-based, massively multiplayer game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It shares several characteristics with the mafia-style social games found on social networks and the iPhone, with the addition of real-world bases that players can claim and defend.

What’s Unique about Global Supremacy?

Global Supremacy starts off with a simple goal: expand as fast as you can! The more bases a player gains, the greater their Influence and standing on the Leaderboards. The most influential player in each city becomes its Director, enjoying special recognition and benefits – players can go on to become the Director of their county, state, country, and one awesome player can make it to become the top player on the planet!

However, it won’t be long before the enterprising player runs up against their neighbors – will the guy around the corner be a valuable ally, or a dangerous adversary? Syndicates open up a huge universe of possibilities – allowing players to team up with friends, send each other assistance, and plot their way to world domination!

The end result is a richly-textured, open-ended game that is unique to each player, evolving as new players join the fray and advance.

When will it be released?

Global Supremacy is scheduled to be released on June 27, 2013 on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The game is free to download, and players can purchase optional “Tiberium” virtual currency packs for extra powerups.

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Screenshots & Icons

Below are some screenshots of key features and the app icons.

Global Supremacy App Icons

app icon

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Global Supremacy Screenshots

iPhone/iPod Touch:

iPad/iPad Mini:

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