The Basics

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Global Supremacy is an open-ended strategy game with the goal of getting as much Territory as possible.

Build Bases and upgrade them to increase your Influence. Bases with more Influence increase your Income and cover a larger area on the Map. The player whose bases have the most Influence in a territory is awarded the Director title for that territory!

  • Use [E]Energy to run Jobs for quick XP and Cash
  • Use [S]Stamina to scan for items on the Map, and to dispute other players and their bases
  • You need to be in good [H]Health to dispute other players and their bases.

Dispute other players and their Bases for quick Cash and XP. Increase your strength in Disputes by hiring Agents and purchasing enough Weapons & Armor to equip them. You can do this by building Upgrades such as the Armory on your Bases.

Don’t forget to equip your Agents with Weapons & Armor or they’ll be fighting unprotected!

The Map

Bases are shown as squares on the Map – bases with more Influence are bigger. Bases on the Map are color-coded by their current owner.

To build a base, simply tap the Build button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen – you’ll see the Map change its look – Green areas are places you can build in, and Red areas are places you can’t – bases need to be at least 50 meters apart. Once you find a location you like, tap on it to build there.

Territories are real-world areas (such as neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, etc) on the Map. While every territory has a different shape, you can recognize them by their borders – if you’re not sure which territory you’re seeing just tap it to bring up its name. When you’re zoomed in the Map displays cities & neighborhoods – zoom out to see counties, states, countries, etc.

In the default Map mode, territories you have a base in will be colored with your bases’ color – all others will be gray. Striped-gray territories are currently unoccupied by anyone.

Scanning the Map is the primary way to get Resources and Upgrades for your Bases. To enter Scanning Mode, just tap the Scan button in the bottom Map toolbar – you’ll see the blue scanning zones around your current location and your bases. Tap anywhere in the scanning zones to run your scan – you’ll see the scan animation and several icons pop up. Tap the Green icons to collect Resources, and the Yellow icons to collect items.


Syndicates are the best way to ally with your friends, discuss strategy, and help each other out! Each Syndicate comes with a public and private messageboard, and comes with the ability to send and request help from other syndicate members. Future releases will include Syndicate stats, the ability to focus your combat power on other Syndicates, and more!


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What is a location-based game?

A location-based game uses your current location to create a unique game around your area and the other players who populate it. Instead of made-up squares on a game map, you’re playing in the real world – every location is unique!

Global Supremacy respects your privacy, and does not display your location to anyone else in the game.

Can I lose my base?
Other players can Acquire your base if they build their own base(s) close enough to it, and if they are more powerful than you. Make sure to get enough Agents and buy enough Weapons and Armor to increase your combat power.
How can I acquire someone else’s base?

You can Acquire another base by building your own base within its Acquisition Zone (you can see this as a dashed circle on the Map when you tap on the base while in Build mode).

You’ll also need to be strong enough to overpower the base’s defenses – get more Agents by building the right Upgrades on your Bases, and equip them properly to increase your chances of winning!

What are the benefits of being a Territory’s Director?
Territory Directors get a 10% Income bonus, and a 50% Acquisition Zone reduction on all Bases they control in it, as well as recognition on the Leaderboards and the Map. You can quickly see Territories’ Directors on the Map by setting the Filter to “Territory Directors.”
How do I scan for items in different tiers?
As your level increases, you’ll be able to Scan for better items by selecting a higher Scanning Tier. To do this, tap & hold the Scan button on the Map, then slide your finger over the Tier you’d like to scan at. Higher Scan Tiers require more Stamina per scan, but you’ll get better items and Resource quantities when you scan!
What are the rules of engagement that determine who can attack each other?

You can attack any player anywhere in the world, and any base within 62mi of you or your bases’ locations. You can Acquire a base by building your own base inside its Acquisition Zone.

Keep an eye out for your PR score! Attacking players below your ability level can result in a PR hit and reduce your power in Disputes.

What determines how many bases I can build?
The number of bases you can build is limited by your Worker count. When you’re low on Workers, bases will begin to take time to construct, and while the base is under construction you won’t be able to upgrade it. You can increase your Worker count by leveling up, or you can hire more Workers using Tiberium.
Are there items I can’t buy?
Certain classes of items, like Upgrades and Tools, cannot be purchased via your Profile. To get these items, you’ll need to Scan for them or do certain Jobs.
Can I only build bases in my specific geographical location?
When you first start out in Global Supremacy, you’ll only be able to build in your immediate area. Once you have bases, you’ll also be able to build near them and expand your reach, even when you’re not in the area.
What is the game’s goal?

Build Bases in multiple Territories, and collaborate with friends and destroy your enemies in your neighborhood and around the World!

Whether you want to just have a base in your neighborhood and favorite vacation spots, or you want take over every city in your area, your country, or even the World – there’s something for you in Global Supremacy!


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