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  • ♠♚ЦℕƊƩ₣ᏐℕƩƊ♚♠

    I have been attacked by people who have hundreds of more agents than me, and they haven't lost a single C4. But when I was about to attack a player with maybe 17 fewer agents than me, it gave me a PR warning. Why is this?

  • Don Taylor

    I'm able to hit you without pr warning.

  • ♠♚ЦℕƊƩ₣ᏐℕƩƊ♚♠

    Don Taylor wrote:

    I'm able to hit you without pr warning.

    Yeah I don't understand that! You have more than 1000 more agents than me, but when I attack this person who I have 27 more agents than, it gives me a PR warning.

  • ▪False▪

    I think it is mostly a level difference. Not a power discrepancy.
    When I had 12 agents at level 41, I TRIED to kick a player out (Level 11 or so) and couldn't cap him nor attack him without suffering huge handicaps. And I couldn't/can't cap him now. And he's inactive.


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