How the hell do people have 1,000+ bases?

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  • NormalWheatley

    You get 1 worker every level. Do people with 100+ bases just pay to win? Or do they just build past their limit and have to wait forever?

  • ☣Alexander☣

    Dude i explained to you how to raise your base limit :P
    We just did it a lot more... and some more than others *cough* brooklyn *cough*

  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ

    Don't keep your bases...tear them down after 1 week, & build new bases.
    This raises your base-building skill, which raises your creation radius; which allows you to do what you actually need to do...harvest Tiberium.
    Build in new areas to get Tiberium from each... then buy base limit. You don't have to pay for it, if you're willing to put in a lot of effort.👍🙂👉😵

  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ

    *don't have to pay money for it

  • Ryback

    To be more specific, to build a base you need 1 spare worker. To gain workers you spend 60 Tiberion(normal price). To gain the most workers, buy them at 60 until the price goes up to 66 then wait for it to drop back down to 60 or wait for special events when price does not increase. To gain Tiberion, create base hops(2 warehouse, 2 Distribution, 4 vehicle) and build bases in new regions that have a Tiberion symbol. Tear those bases down after 7 days to keep the builder skill bonus. You can also join a Syndicate and use their Portals to get into new areas or go on vacation and build then 😎.

  • Ryback

    I misspelled Tiberion sorry. It's Tiberium. 😊


    I use 1 Dis center and 5 Depots

  • Dogman

    PINΞSΛ͒P wrote:

    I use 1 Dis center and 5 Depots

    I prefer to use 5 radars.

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