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  • Eric Abbott

    Just focus on winning disputes for money, exp points and stamina .. does that pretty much cover the formula for success ?

  • ᎒ʘUCHπŸ‘‰Κ˜F😡DΞžβˆ§Ν’TᎻ

    Build bases, & tear them down after 1 week; so you can build more bases, & raise your skill, & increase your creation radius. Harvest Tiberium, & buy Workers with it. Scan for various base upgrades & stimpills & drinks. Do SuperPAC job for Vests, for defense. During events, do Urban Combat Training (lv 66 job) for XM8s, for offense.
    These are some other things you can do, if you want to expand your gaming, & build a stronger profile.πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ‘‰πŸ˜΅

  • Sacrosanct

    Hi guys, for base upgrades, is it wise to use them even if I am tearing down the base after a week?

    Thanks in advance!

  • ᎒ʘUCHπŸ‘‰Κ˜F😡DΞžβˆ§Ν’TᎻ

    I used Workshops on bases when just starting out. I got plenty of them from level 1 scans, once my scanning was raised a few thousand points. Until then, I used any Retail Spaces, Command Centers, or Workshops I had.πŸ‘‰πŸ˜΅

  • Ryback

    I usually save my Resources and don't build any upgrades. However, if you have plenty of Resources and Distribution Centers then here is an example of no upgrades vs upgrades for a seven day period using Distro Centers.

    Sample Base Daily Income:
    0 = $1,773
    1 = $9,703
    2 = $16,433
    3 = $23,763
    4 = $31,093

    After 7 days:
    0 = $12,411
    4 = $217,651

    (Actual data taken from a real base)

  • Ryback

    So if you need extra cash then adding upgrades is worth the effort, even if you will tear down the base in seven days.

  • Ryback

    Another thought when farming for Tiberium, the cost of a new base is based on your total base count. If you want to be as cheap as possible then farming with the least number of bases is best.

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