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    ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ wrote:

    I was asked to post this info again, & figured I would just write a new post, with its own Title.👉😵

    Best xp: Create a Think Tank (in Messaging category); 1.1 xp per energy💪Best money: Constitutional Amendment, mastery level 3 (Taking Over; available @ level 92); $9,789-$19,298 per energy🤑For loot, I would recommend Create SuperPAC (Influencing), to get Vests - the best armor - for most of the year. During events, Urban Combat Training (Militarizing - level 66, I think) gives XM8s - the best weapon.Basically, I recommend always doing Create SuperPAC; unless you need to level, or need $, or you're getting XM8s. Since XM8s are so abundant during events, the other guns are mostly unnecessary.👉😵

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