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  • Archer

    So I understand that more rarity upgrades come from higher level scans, but I don’t seem to get consumables for it . When’s the best time to scan for certain items? Is it based on level or what your farming. Thanks in advance.

  • Yoshi

    Whenever you let your stamina fill up, you lose out on resources and upgrades that you could have scanned. With only 12 stamina this happens quickly for you, after 48 minutes offline. I recommend you use your skill points only on stamina at least until it equals your energy.

  • Yoshi

    If you want to improve returns per scan, you need to focus on the scanning skill, which increases the amount of resources and upgrades in each green/orange cache. But don’t use skill points on it, because it upgrades itself every time you pick up resources/upgrades while scanning. The fastest way to max the scanning skill is to always scan tier 1. Tedious I know, and you will not have the best upgrades right away, but this way once you start scanning the other tiers you will get maximum returns.

  • Archer

    Thanks! I was pumping points into energy since it makes me level up faster so I can have more skill points. Maybe I’ll start upgrading my stamina as wel

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