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  • Archer

    Through reading old posts and the games text I found many great uses for the in game cash “buying workers seems to be the best for someone starting out” and the best way to earn this currency is through hoping to new locations.

    What I am wondering is what’s the best way to hop? Best time to hop? And what should I have before I attempt hopping to new locations?

    Thanks in advance to all reading.


    Different strategies here. You could build basebuilding skill, then make your own hop bases with 2 warehouses, 1 distribution center, and 5 vehicle depots. Doing this without building your skills some is worthless (fair warning).
    Alternatively, you could hunt inactive hop bases and acquire them. For this, youd need a decent level of agents and guns (inactives become weak, so not too many). Then you build a base near the likely hop base and you take it to see if its any good for hopping. Might want to make sure the guy is inactive first so theres no repercussions..

  • B✖dϻrҒr✖stʏ

    Why do inactives become weak? Is their def different than number of agents?

  • Yoshi

    If you stop collecting your income, after a month the game applies a penalty to your defense. The penalty gradually increases to the point where pretty much anybody can take your bases

  • JEB

    To find out if a person is active, look at their territories. It tells you when they were acquired.

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