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  • ViewedSomeHops

    Hello everyone,
    My first in a series of tutorial videos, which includes screen recordings of the game, are up! This is designed to help new players navigate through the app with ease and to grow accustomed to the layout of GS. In this first video, we will cover the various ways to earn Tib, the game’s premium currency, for free. This includes “hopping”. Harvesting Tiberium is one of the most important strategies that need to be mastered in order to grow. Have fun!
    I’m also open to feedback from the more experienced players.
    Please cut/paste the link into your browser, or type the URL in. Note: the “I” is a capital I, not a lowercase l.

  • Yoshi

    I like it. Should stress early on in the series not to make the common mistakes, like not upgrading stamina, wasting skill points in scanning/dispute skill, never scanning tier 1, etc.

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    On behalf of myself, I hereby thank you for your noble effort. I like classical, but the songs energy doesn’t mesh with the video and that felt strange at times. Visual learners may do well to watch your video. Another tip is to allow textual slides to appear for longer duration, or simplify textual slides by creating more of them, each just 1-2 steps. The tutorial would look like: simple text slide, specific video, simple text slide, specific video, etc until you’ve taught all steps in your lesson. Surely, the master teachers shall prevail.

  • ViewedSomeHops

    Going to take both of your comments to consideration, what kind of music do you think fits best? Next video will be about mistakes to avoid

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    You should pick the music. I’m the only one in the universe distracted by these types of things. Mistakes to avoid: spending money, increasing health, keeping junk bases. Not upgrading bases properly. Not learning how to build your skills. Becoming attached to bases or directorships...

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    Mistakes to avoid- listening to me, fighting against me, looking for long term relationships in bars, admitting guilt, apologizing (most of the time), taking drugs with a high likelihood of addiction, not owning a gun, ninjas, eating food with mold on it, not changing your car’s oil for a year and a half,

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    Naming your first base “home” or something similar that identifies where you live or who you are in RL. The right way to do it would be to either: 1: hop away from your home territory and then tear down the trail of bases that got you there. Or 2: build your first bases when you are traveling. Or 3 join a syndicate and level up running jobs,scanning current location, etc until you can portal around.

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