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  • Nick Turpin💲💲💲

    (The Non Spenders).
    An alliance for any player who wants to compete without spending a penny.
    Open to anyone, anywhere.
    PAL room set up.
    The only rule is that YOU CAN'T BUY TIB! This alliance is based on your skill. Not how fat your wallet is.

    -Nick Turpin.

  • Nick Turpin💲💲💲

    All applicants will be considered.
    PAL room and password will be given if successful.
    Please remember that being in an alliance is being part of a team. It demands some commitment from yourself. Please consider this before applying.

    - Nick Turpin.

  • Nick Turpin💲💲💲

    And I may seem like a noob. We all are in this app so far. I did play TW for 3 years and actively contributed. I'm also no pacifist....
    This alliance is for anyone who wants to fight. Not pay to play and is up for a laugh on PAL. Yeah. We might last a week. Fuck it! We go down laughing😂😂😂

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