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  • MyFistUrFace

    The title says it all need 10 more people who like to piss people off c4 them and just be a pain in the ass to other players, nothing I serious lol

  • Hydra

    Yiu have even admitted you are a sleeze...

  • born42 42

    This thread tells the truth. I think it's the first time anything from his mouth has sounded accurate

  • 🌜Dreamus Allen🌛

    The truth lives on!!!!!!

  • ɅɭɭMᗅNЯ

    Ooh ooh, can I join?

  • SLiNKY

    At least he's being honest.

  • ☠♔PRYMUS♔☠

    You crazy , guy

  • 🎣ℬ₳$$✨ℳ₳$ƬƎƦ🎣

    Dang another syndicate kicked you good luck in life. Cause in this a game you are definitely a failure.

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