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  • Irunthisshit

    New to this game and tryin to join a syndicate all that matters is how much help I will get I don't want a big syndicate if they aint gonna help me

  • 🌟 ℕᎾℛᏆℋ💫ЅᏆᎯℛ 🌟

    Looks like you've found a nice syndicate that will support you just fine.

  • шΞΛᔖΞĿ

    I hear PimpsRUs are still looking for new members.

  • Irunthisshit

    No I just made one fuckin around checking it out

  • Irunthisshit

    Still looking im growing pretty fast director of 2 areas and going for more I'll be better soon

  • Psych

    🔰Conquerors 🅰lpha🔰
    💫 Now recruiting all! 💫
    👮🔫😈 One
    😈😈👿👿😈😈👿😈😈😈👿👿😈😈👿👿😈One Hundred😈👿😈

  • ◢◤ℙℍ₳₦₸O̸M̸◥◣

    вlаск⚔ƿаитнеяs™ Recruiting! Just message ImmortalGhost Your Application Today!!!
    •Homer Simpson

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