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    [ENGLISH] The Asian Union Recruits Asians Across The World.______________[CHINA] 亚洲联盟招聘亚洲人跨世界。______________[JAPAN] 世界各地にあるアジア連合新兵アジア人。______________[KOREA] 전 세계에 걸쳐 아시아 연합 신병 아시아.______________[INDONESIA] Uni Asia merekrut orang Asia di seluruh dunia.______________[MYANMAR] >> Language Not Supported In This Game <______________[VIETNAM] Liên minh Châu Á tuyển người châu Á trên khắp thế giới.______________ [THAILAND] เอเชียสหภาพชักชวนชาวเอเชียทั่วโลก______________[INDIA] एशियाई संघ दुनिया भर में एशियाइयों रंगरूटों।

    Any Ethnicity allowed too.
    We look for veterans or new players. I am new player, but I will grow to become veteran. If you wish to CONTACT me easily,
    Please download the app "Line" and add sorayamato. [Include dot] for perfect communications if you wish to join group!

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