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  • ☣Alexander☣

    TWC is back up and running, ready to recruit and help new players of any size from any location. Simply message me or post here. I'll check daily. If youre interested please keep in mind that we expect you to play the game. Not just quit in 2 days. Lol
    Of course, have fun and happy hopping.
    Ohh.. and uhhh
    👌🏼😙💨 Happy 4/20 😏

  • Charlie

    Eh hi? Can i going plz? K thanks


    Could I join this game looks fun and I want to win

  • +Daisydog+

    Can I join please

  • syher_matt

    Can you add me

  • LostBoyRamblur

    Looking to join

  • Ryguy K.

    Can I join?

  • Warlord339

    I would like to join as well

  • James1995

    Hi. I would like to join if there is any space left

  • Sleeper Cell

    Could I join?

  • Gentschy

    Can I join boys?

  • tosoen

    Can i join?


    tosoen wrote:

    Can i join?

    What's the password

  • tosoen


  • DeadCyph

    I would love to join as well

  • LelEctro😈


  • Guns3006

    I'm game

  • ĦΛŁΞ

    Can I join?

  • np_9515556

    Can I join

  • whh2018

    New player wanting to learn.

  • Hell’s⚜️of⚜️Qc

    +Daisydog+ wrote:

    Can I join please

  • 🖤Abby~G🖤

    Let me joinnnn

  • Vito Medici

    Can I join pls

  • Gunnar

    Would love to join

  • Frosty

    Yea can I join?

  • Temo

    Can I join?

  • EBAIBA67

    Can I join?

  • Get Some 247

    Send an invite

  • TankCrusher

    Ooo I’d definitely join

  • Tank Crusher

    I’d join

  • Ranger250

    Can I join?

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