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  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    10. Joining a gang means gaining family. We all hate each other too, but live with it.
    9. You can wear exclusive colors depending on what gang you choose.
    8. You unlock exclusive access to particular hoods, which happen to match your new colors well.
    7. It’s fun
    6. Danger is exciting
    5. Running from the cops mini game
    4. Not NFL season yet
    3. Homies
    2. Exclusive tattoos that increase XP from mini games.
    1. Everlasting joy

  • ໓lບຕ ཪ༱༓སཀ༮ས

    I joined. I got a tattoo of an eye above my right eye. It’s a little smaller than my real eye but it never blinks and so that’s what makes it cool. Plus I get 105% XP when I run from cops! The everlasting joy apparently only unlocks when you’ve mastered all your skills. I’m not certain I deserve everlasting joy.

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