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    0. Pretty sure im having the most fun these days
    1. If you like hip hop, poetry,or rhyming you fit in. Join the cypher.
    2. Only thing youll have to do is message with me a while to prove youre active, can follow instructions, and grow.
    3. Message me public or private
    4. We are currently neutral in all GS conflicts. (Some team “leaders” have died and cant undeclare on me anymore- this doesnt impact you directly).
    5. Ideally, we build a team of goons and villains and entertain ourselves until the server sets down over the horizon. *tear* no wait, thats *beer*
    6. Joining gangs is good.
    7. It really is lucky
    8. No Turkeys or Xmas cheer allowed. Its rude.
    9. Daily conpliments (not really) “Uh, I really like it when you switch your vocab or use a thesaurus.”
    10. Embrace the chaos, otherwise it’s boring.
    11. Ooh good idea, I can make schemes for you to participate, if you choose.
    12. Spys welcome, as long as they are playing along some too lol.


    13. Is also very lucky.
    14. GS LOVES numbers, and I use occasional NUMBERED LISTS!!!!!!! (Great for practice counting).
    15. Legit intellectual convo (just when bored or to learn) economics, investing, business, philosophy, religion, pretty much all the topics that are generally taboo to the middle class and prevalent with the upper class. GLOBAL not domestic politics, have some self respect.
    16. Occasional uppity slum gutter shit- directly from the source- the horse’s mouth.
    17. Randomness.
    18. Ewww i flipped 18 to an ill rhyme (copy paste to moneyspit).
    19. Studying dead guys.
    20. Book recommendations.
    21. Access to the wise man on the mountaintop with little effort.
    22. I can teach you to work smarter, not harder, while ruining your work ethic in general.
    23. Philadelphia talk (fucking Sixers).


    24. Whole lotta common sense (more useful than ya probably think)
    25. New slang
    26. Oh crap talk to me in other languages, another good idea.
    27. Free coffee provided to mules and mulemasters.
    28. If you spit, and its bad, copy paste it, delete post, and bring it to me. Improve it more and post later.
    29. Get over on me, ill make it easy and I dare ya.
    30. I just counted to 30, all at once. I mean, it’s the most popular forum activity, times 30!!!
    31. No purchase necessary, despite what RHF says.

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    For the low low price of $0.32 I’ll bribe your way in. PM me for info


    Welcome Ma Non Troppo,
    Other syndicates check us
    like naw not in trouble
    They not tryin to wreck us
    Shorts pop the bubble
    Strikeout shortstops seeing double
    Clef the game like treble
    Or some shaved off stubble
    All our moves supple
    A level above the rubble
    Commandeer the hubble
    For that sci fi supply
    Catch my ufo glide
    Down tha spit slide
    They wanna know whyd
    The Alien mind allied
    The answers inside
    Join up, lets ride


    Welcome Don Geologio
    Lets go account grow
    Fans like Figaro, figaro!
    We get high income figures, yo

    Leave ya past beef alone
    Squashed, like i jailbroke a phone
    Sautéed some veggies, well-done
    Burning greens, passed, neva sell some

    Always assess risk
    Popspit like tisk tisk
    Spit with beer not brisk
    Spit thru ya window like a brick

    Wit a note
    That i wrote
    It said, and I quote
    “EDB rock poet”

    What a waste of ink
    Hardly ever think
    Spit it from the brink
    Check it like a hockey rink

    Thats for my Canadians
    Play a game like my lady friends
    EDB rack up shady wins
    Serve a rhyme with some back spin

  • CH2O

    I’ll join


    CH2O wrote:

    I’ll join

    New name welcome spy guy
    My oh my
    How he spit so fly?
    Products of our environments
    Contemplate early retirement
    Or jump back in and hire it/
    You Jump thru a portal
    as useful as Blake Bortles
    …from the QB show
    Hosted by a hoe pro
    While rocking a go pro
    …I dunno
    Welcome, yo

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