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  • ᆿ๏ଧෆథடᡏ౿ଐভ᠔ৎ

    Hacka lugie absurd
    Attack cull the gull herd
    sugarspit boogie soda sip lured
    Dropped another crap turd
    Beware the map nerd
    Mule heard bird
    Sqwaaaak chirp burp
    Eeeehawww yeehaw
    Seesaw the southpaw
    Paw saw they mouth fall
    Back worser than ever
    Word curser less clever
    One third purse getter
    One third nurse vetter
    Last piece burst wetter
    Last verse was better

  • ᆿ๏ଧෆథடᡏ౿ଐভ᠔ৎ

    Melted clock Dali cheddar
    Pelted sock rock tree feller
    Lumberjack axe wailer
    Heat seeking heli propeller
    Lair hidden cellar dweller
    Assassinated ol yeller
    Heard me like Helen Keller
    Rhyme crime speller
    Pay her then tail her
    Blackmail flic mailer
    Pay me ill never tell her
    Shh its *******snitch tattleteller


    Cardboard box rap
    Mouthpiece fox trap
    Razorblade ox tap
    Chickenhead cockslap
    Chinup bootstrap
    Dividend stock map
    Instagram stalk app
    Said words pimp slap
    Dead Birds bullcrap
    GS Mule cap
    Derringer tool strap
    2 shot toe tap
    2 shot toe tag
    Formaldehyde bag

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    Formaldehyde bag
    Dirty sweats formal hide rag swag sag
    Street kid young buck stag
    Sweet did young fuck tail wag
    Banged it on the wall like a tag
    Manipulating zig zag
    Armor plating rusty dusty drag
    They only rap to brag
    He spit automatic insert next mag


    Dont bother with aim
    Red dot, dead game
    No targets to name
    Only ourselves to blame
    The same complain chain
    Over and over again
    Its a damn shame
    Nobody entertain
    Or usin they brain
    Or even usin cocain
    I left Peru, they abstain
    They sayin its insane to remain
    Im sayin wake up start playin

  • 🤖💥

    Layin low in the sticks
    Play doh in the mix
    I contract tricks
    eye contact picks
    First contact licks
    Purse cracked hicks
    Worse extract cliques
    Cursed exact vics
    Versed in fact asphyx

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