Any Canadian syndicates recruiting?

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  • Canucks

    If so just give me a shout

  • ཇ༨པ༉རབས

    ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ is officially recruiting.

    What we would like to accomplish as a syndicate is to create state branches for each syndicate.

    Examples would be Arizona : ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ AZ ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ CA ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ NY ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ TX ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ IA etc etc

    We will have a main agency for the leaders that will be in charge of each region. Each state branch will be in charge of recruiting, training & managing there local members in that state. They will be referred to as a Lead Agent.

    Now you might already have a crew established locally. But support on a National level is a something we all need and that is what we would provide.

    Our mission statement is to protect the borders of your home state. Help the local lil guys grow and keep the bullies out.

    PM me for more details or message me on palringo


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