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    €₳₱₮₳ī₦🌍₱ḻ₳₦ē₮ wrote:

    Using your logic about why peoples names are the way they are, am I really a pollution fighting superheroe?

    Am I a mathematician?

  • dsd_spook

    Maybe protective daddy should give up his idevice. I mean, it's only fair because not everyone else in the world has one. And after all, then he can more effectively teach the masses when he walks the streets meeting his "followers" face to face. Because fuck progression. If my forefathers never had it, then why should I? The original hipster mentality. Money is too mainstream, right protective daddy?

  • nͥo͒bͣoͫdy

    Charity is not giving money to the poor my friend. The definition of Charity is love. I'm sad to day there are many evil rich people but being poor doesn't make you a good person either. How you treat people is what matters. There are many many wealthy people who are kind, caring, and giving of their wealth. God wants us to have wealth so we can use it to help other people. When Job showed his devotion what was he rewarded with? Poverty? No Sir, he was blessed with wealth.

  • Ian Wight

    Someone really needs a hug

  • Ꮶ͜иιɢн͡т

    Wow, so many toys... So may prams....

  • yomama1064

    yeah, those tw guys are big bullies!

  • Sebastian5367

    ProtectiveDaddy wrote:

    Lol, idiosyncrasy there my friend, where did god teach to be rich, every man is equal regardless of wealth. Wealth is an illusion, created for greed, a man is rich when he dies for the good, when he sacrifices. What, you assume by 'giving' to charity you become a good person..........hahaha.........out of everything foolish thing you say that is the most laughable, charity is something that is used to ease the guilt of the elite, ask yourself why is there poverty, why are there poor, when man began with nothing, when every living thing had the same right, every man was equal no matter race, colour, creed, wealth...............and you think in gods eyes you are right to preach about being rich and the rich exist so the poor can co-exist............LOL.


  • mrjb28313

    Wow you guys have too much time on your hands. You'd never catch me joining a debate like this........ oh.

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