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  • AmishMidget

    So I'm slowly running out of time for anything but these GPS based games. Who else has become an addict of tw, gs, and castle attack?

  • 🔥℘ཞعϮϮყ⌖ცօყ🔥

    Never heard of castle attack

  • Spinna

    I play all three. Been playing TW for about 2 years, and started playing castle attack a few weeks ago.

  • Blamesday

    TW all the way! GS is...okay. Mildly frustrating because I'm so used to TW, but, it appears as though as a lot of work went into it, so I'll give it it's fair chance. Played castle attack for 5 minutes then deleted.

  • ProtectiveDaddy

    Try battle academy.

  • AmishMidget

    Pretty boy you should try out castle attack (and I'm assuming you know and play the other two) castle attack can start out a little slow but once the knights start rolling in its fun. Just another place to rule the world or at least your corner of it.

  • dsd_spook

    ProtectiveDaddy wrote:

    Try battle academy.

    Shut up

  • AmishMidget

    Man protective daddy I think somebody is out to get you. I see the two of you in every thread I look at.

  • dad1898

    I love TW. been playing 2 years.

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