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  • Psych

    Are you sick of being 'that guy' who never can judge anyone else without feeling guilty? Well no more! Simply rate the person infront of you according to their:
    Forum skillz
    War prowess
    Remember: 3 different ratings from 1-100, with100 as the best.

  • nͥo͒bͣoͫdy

    Forum skills: 47 for coming up with this game and spelling skillz with a z.
    Size: 4.7 for low agent count.
    War Prowess: 4.7 what can you do with such a tiny mob?

  • 👥Uncle Bobby🐝👥

    Forum skills:50 you were gone for a year.
    Size: 50 I've seen bigger....
    War prowess: 10 you just got back.

  • The Alchemyst

    Forum skills 85-i see you on here a lot
    Size 80- very good size but as you too stated I've seen bigger
    War prowess 85-very good size mob not sure In regards to how many are actually armed though ;)


    Forum Skills - 40
    Size - 60
    War Prowess - 50
    Not sure how to set my rates in this game other than to consider my own stats average go from there.

  • TΛ͒T

    Forum skills-95
    War prowess-70 I see the potential in your account

  • danielle1964

    Forum skills: 90
    Size: 90
    War power: 90


    Forum skills: 20
    Size: -5
    War power: -25

  • 👥Uncle Bobby🐝👥

    ★WISΞSTΛΝLΞΞ★ wrote:

    Forum skills: 20Size: -5War power: -25

    Are those minus numbers!?!?

  • 🌟 ℕᎾℛᏆℋ💫ЅᏆᎯℛ 🌟

    For WStan

  • 💫D@T $C😜👅$€R💫

    Qweeter1997 wrote:

    For WStan709590

    Shite 👆


    I'm kinda surprised not a single person has chosen to rate our good buddy DatScouser!

  • ☣Alexander☣

    Rate for qweeter.
    Forum: 65 (you post often)
    Size: 40 (we're almost the same size. We're big players, but far from the biggest)
    War prowess: 45 (Decent amount of agents, it doesnt seem like you would fight much though.idk)

  • Farewell!

    Forum: Have seen posts, 60
    Size: 50 (thought it never really mattered)
    War: wins 50%
    Would score higher but your hanging with the wrong crowd!


    Forum: 91
    Size: 77
    War: 80
    Once upon a time I attacked StowRPh when he was waaay bigger than me. I lost and he messaged me that he respected me for trying. The forum score is for pm diplomacy too.

  • ☣Alexander☣

    Nobody wants to rate EDB? Fine, i will!
    Forum: 80
    Size: 70
    War prowess: 80 (didnt you start that ND battle thread a while back?)
    Both names you've had are interesting, but Ebenezer was a dope name. Js haha

  • Pv͒D

    forum 80
    size 10
    war prowess 0

  • 👥Uncle Bobby🐝👥

    〓PVD〓 wrote:

    forum 80size 10 war prowess 0

    Forum75 welcome back to GD
    Size 95
    War stuff... 99.9.


    Forum: 0
    Size: 0
    War prowess: 80-90

  • 坂本

    Forum: -100.
    Size: -100
    War Prowess: -100.1

    Why should I give anybody a good rating?


    Forum: 27
    Size: 50 (small but growing skills rapidly)
    War prowess: 0 (newish)

  • 坂本

    Forum: 66.66666
    Size: 99.99999999999
    War Prowess: 33.33333

    Heck Off Bud 😎


    Forum: pelican
    Size: obtruse
    War prowess: illegible


    He’s right I feel so guilty

  • JEB

    Forum :: 100 ( lots of postings )
    Size :: 95 ( a lot bigger than I am at the moment )
    WAr Prowess :: 90 ( dispute rating says it all on this one )

  • JEB

    BTW! How I would rate me ...

    Forum :: 1. ( I don't do this much )
    SIze :: 60 ( I am not the biggest, but I am blabbing quite nicely and my approach is a cure for inactives )
    WAr Prowess :: 30 - 40 ( using my own stats )

    Now, this does not get the next person out of the game, but I would find it fascinating to hear what people think of themselves in the game. I am growing, although of course, I am certainly not "da BESTEST PLAYER EVAR, but I have fun. EMpire-building games are something I have liked since I was a kid.


    Forum 💯
    Size 25
    War 79


    YOU wrote:

    OnionForum 💯 Size 25War 79

    Rated myself that wasn’t clear

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