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  • 💫🌟Lucifer🌟💫

    Anybody a fan of UFC?

    Who's ya boy/girl?
    Conor Mcgregor for me. Guys a cocky geezer but he's got some moves in the octagon. He has reignited my interest in UFC since joining. Dana is promoting the ass off of him and Conor is doing a bit of getting about himself. Can't wait for the Jose Aldo fight.

    Big fan of Cowboy Cerrone and Benson Henderson too. The last dual they had was a good bout. Cerrone beating Benson for the first time after fighting twice before. Benson just won his first welterweight fight against a HUGE Brandon Thatch! Rear naked choked his big ass. I'm sure Cerrone is stepping up a weight soon.

    What's your favourite recent fight?

  • 👔G3NT👔

    I personally find UFC sickening lol

  • Tea Sipper

    I like UFC. Conor MxcGregor, yep, he's the man if the moment.

  • 💫🌟Lucifer🌟💫

    Took them about a week just to release my thread lol. Must be keeping an 👀 on me now. I'll be nice. Or try!

    Gent, it's not real mate so don't be sick. It's all actors lol.

    Can't believe Mir took Big foot out with a jab last week! Big foots got a face like an Easter Island statue so easy to hit I suppose. But still! The guys solid. Mir will be champ again.

  • TΛ͒T

    Frank Mir just pulled off another huge win. Your prediction has some hope

  • Pv͒D

    Jimmie "El Terror" Rivera... He's young, but hes moving up.. just won in Scotland last weekend.

  • 🍺Squirrel+Pig🍺

    I had to look up UFC.

  • شاه دنيا

    Tony Ferguson and that 10th planet BJJ tho 👌👌👌

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