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  • [dday]

    In this thread, we shall discuss the end of the world. What are your predictions on how and when it will happen?

  • LexSuede

    It will end when it ends!

  • 🍺Squirrel+Pig🍺

    We need a definition: when the last human being dies on earth, the earth becomes completely unable to support life? Other?

  • nͥo͒bͣoͫdy

    It already ended. We're all in hell.

  • 👥༌β⁕ввея༌ᏭᏭᏎ™

    👥nͥobͣoͫdy👥 wrote:

    It already ended. We're all in hell.

    I didn't get that memo... 😨

  • Real MF

    When all the dinosaurs become extinct.....

  • TΛ͒T

    When the sun finally burns out and we are an iceball in space.

  • шΞΛᔖΞĿ

    How about when we run out of fresh air like in Spaceballs?

  • biohazard drew

    When umbrella really creates the T-Virus

  • np_6064517

    I can end your world after I punch you frcken balls.

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