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  • V҉A҉N҉🍁

    Hello there👋

    I trying to figure how the 10% income bonus work for a contry directorship.

    Suppose you are already director of a state: does the 10% contry income bonus is added at the states income + 10%. Or the contry 10% is only added at the income comming from base with out all other director bonus???

    If im not clear lets me know🍺


  • 🍺Squirrel+Pig🍺

    I have always assumed the bonuses were applied in a roll-up fashion, calculating the base first.

  • V҉A҉N҉🍁

    The first step of director bonus lets me think, he calculate on the base but what about the 3 other?

  • 🍺Squirrel+Pig🍺

    We'd need the developers to reply unless someone has had the patience to do the math. But I guess I'd assume you add the percentages on starting with the base and then accumulating. I know that when I added a state, I did see that 1% bump from the total of all bases in the state. I assumed it was 1% above the modified income, meaning it already added in 10% and any other 1% bonuses.

  • V҉A҉N҉🍁

    So the second director ship is calculate like: ((89.56k$+89.56k$+78.35k$)no director bonus)+((59.35k$+59.35k$)+10%Of 118.70k$)=410.10k$+10% if you are the director of this level 2= 442.11k$

    Each other step should be calculate like the first one... ((()))=... And adding area coming more complex each step...😂

  • nͥo͒bͣoͫdy


  • np17036548

    Nobody likes math!

  • V҉A҉N҉🍁

    The first step income bonus up to 199% applied before or afther the director bonus... That is the question...

  • V҉A҉N҉🍁

    I guess the area bonus (1-199%)its the first bonus to be applied... To that result the 10% (if you are director) is added... For a 209% bonus...

  • ☣Alexander☣

    But i think 209% is the most you can get. I dont recall seeing bonuses for regions/counties and countries?

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