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  • 🍺Squirrel+Pig🍺

    So I haven't maxed any of the new skill levels yet. For those that have, would you mind sharing he new benefits?

    Income now reduces overhead by how much?

    Max hop on 5 VDs?


  • шΞΛᔖΞĿ

    I think it's 88.


    I've picked up 11 Items with max scanning, haven't seen 12 yet.

  • ཊⱣⱤØ͒ḌĬƓẎཏ

    I get 3-11 warehouses and vehicle depots... If I even get them at all.

  • 🐱Pet🐶Breeder🐹

    I've seen 12 only one time

  • ███ฺ███ฺ███ฺ███

    Max dispute skill gives you +33% !

  • V҉A҉N҉🍁

    Max income skill you got 97% bonus

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