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  • Geertsen

    You created a sell all button a while ago so that you could sell all items you got from scanning. Please now consider adding a collect all button, so that we may collect all the items after we scan. I am getting tired of clicking each individual item after scanning. A collect all button would be a nice added feature so that after scanning the map for a long time, we could collect all the items found, all at once.

  • ███ฺ███ฺ███ฺ███

    Yes please! And maybe even a scan multiple times feature (such as 250x tier 1 scans, 25x tier 3 scans, etc. depending on what you want, even mix and match like 50x tier 2 then 10x tier 3) Wrong area in the forum though

  • nͥo͒bͣoͫdy

    Changing you name from Christopher won't do you any good kid. Nobody likes you.

  • ☣Alexander☣

    After scanning simply zoom out. All the caches will be in the same small spot where you can just tap repeatedly until they're all collected. It makes it much faster

  • 🌟 ℕᎾℛᏆℋ💫ЅᏆᎯℛ 🌟

    That does take a while going one by one and in Alaska the Internet is slow... And that fact that the devs could implement this change in a few minutes makes it stupid not to just have it.

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