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  • шΞΛᔖΞĿ

    We all know that wrestlers have theme music. If you had intro music every time you enter a room, what song would it be? Why?

  • The Archduke

    Loser by Beck.....

  • шΞΛᔖΞĿ

    The Archduke wrote:

    Loser by Beck.....


  • 🌟 ℕᎾℛᏆℋ💫ЅᏆᎯℛ 🌟

    White and Nerdy

  • LordMacHercul

    🌟 ℕᎾℛᏆℋ💫ЅᏆᎯℛ 🌟 wrote:

    White and Nerdy

    Best... Intro... Ever...

  • ĦΛŁΞ

    Baby Got Back

  • 4nick8r

    Either Pretty Fly, for a White Guy by the Offspring or Firestarter by Prodigy.

  • LordMacHercul

    Boulevard of Broken dreams, Green day, Because I feel that song is my life...?

  • ◢◤ℙℍ₳₦₸O̸M̸◥◣

    Enter Sandman by Metallica... It's just so badass like me 😂😂😂


    I like to play run this town in my headphones while walking to the poker room.

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