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    What do u guys think?

  • шΞΛᔖΞĿ

    Considering we don't usually know when they do stuff, the bright red box that shows up on each screen definitely gets your attention. lol


    I'm not sure why they are upgrading the servers when they need to upgrade the game itself..


    They should say server maintenance...

  • Farewell!

    What they didn't tell us was that they down graded the servers since there's only about 12 of us actually playing with any regularity. I think they moved everything over to a 286 processor.... Yup that could probably handle the load! (I actually still have one, an old gateway desktop..... I was king back then...)

  • шΞΛᔖΞĿ

    286? Not even close. That change won't happen for a few years still. I believe the press release from MFP said they migrated the GS system over to their Exidy Sorcerer, which runs on a Z80 processor. That should improve game-play tremendously. 😜

  • 4nick8r

    You are all nerds 🤓

  • 🍺Squirrel+Pig🍺

    Sinclair, baby.

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