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  • The One

    What are the best upgrades for bases I've been playing for a few weeks what should I concentrate on most


    The best income generator is 2 warehouses and 6 distribution centers. Of course that is if it is built in a high bonus area (you want to look for 199% areas) .Warehouses and Distribution centers may not be available to you yet at your current level; but that is what you want

  • ᎒ʘUCHπŸ‘‰Κ˜F😡DΞžβˆ§Ν’TᎻ

    Depends on the purpose of the base, & your base building skill. Since your skill is still very low, you may want to focus on raising it - build bases, wait a week for them to mature, tear them down, & build new bases; repeat for 2500 bases.
    Until your skill is in the thousands, it's best to just use Workshops, from lv 1 scans. Once your skill is higher, your creation range will get much larger, & you can build "hop" bases - 2 Warehouses, 1 Distribution Center, & 5 Vehicle Depots - to move further, or harvest more Tiberium.
    It's a good idea, though, to always have a couple of bases in an area with a 199% income bonus, so you can make money for building. These bases should have 2 Warehouses, & 6 Distribution Centers. πŸ™‚πŸ‘‰πŸ˜΅

  • ᎒ʘUCHπŸ‘‰Κ˜F😡DΞžβˆ§Ν’TᎻ

    Level 1 scans will also raise your scanning skill quicker, which will make it easier to get better upgrades when scanning.πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ‘‰πŸ˜΅

  • The One

    Thanks for advice

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