Solar eclipse tomorrow!

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  • 🐱Pet🐶Breeder🐹

    Are you seeing it? And if so, how?

  • ☣Alexander☣

    When is it viewable? Maybe i will

  • 🐱Pet🐶Breeder🐹

    It depends on where you live - NASA has an interactive map on their web page!

  • Courier Six

    92% eclipse in Seattle. Should be pretty killer!

  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ

    100% in Dayton, TN...visiting a friend, getting better viewing than home.🌚🌞👉😵

  • 4nick8r

    Went to Lake Fontana and was in the path of totality. It was epic.

  • 🍺Squirrel+Pig🍺

    Went to Greenville, SC. 100% totality and awesome! Even up to 99% it was not epic.

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