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  • ꒒૦૭વ꒖

    Hello old friends!!
    Hope all is well.

  • Yoshi

    Hello 😃

  • ꒒૦૭વ꒖

    Hey Yoshi hows it been?

  • Yoshi

    Not bad, you?

  • ꒒૦૭વ꒖

    Same..decided to download this game again to burn some time. I was surprised to see it hasn’t been shut down yet lol

  • Yoshi

    Did the same thing a few months ago. It’s still the same game we know and love, but with less people

  • ꒒૦૭વ꒖

    Yeah this game keeps calling me back..it had so much potential smh

  • 4nick8r

    What do you mean less people? There are at least 3 of us now.

  • LongleafForever

    +1 = 5 🤪

  • Treybo130

    Although I was called Weasels mule, I would count myself as a +1 here in this thread.

  • The Archduke

    Lucky 7

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