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  • ℳʀ. ℬʀøցⱥñꀨ😲🔫😏

    Hi, I'm @@D - Add C4 from Turf Wars and it seems like I somehow ended up using this account instead of my pre-registered account. 😖

    Does anyone else have this issue?

  • 🔥βĄD⌖ŖĘƤ🔥

    I did to

  • ℳʀ. ℬʀøցⱥñꀨ😲🔫😏

    Were you able to fix it?

  • ℳʀ. ℬʀøցⱥñꀨ😲🔫😏

    I'm on iOS7 b2 and am guessing that is part of the issue.

  • Courier Six

    Me too. Sent a mail asking for an assist...

  • 🔥Mr⌖S🔥

    Ahaha @@d!!! Funny stuff... I had a pw problem so no free tiberium for me 😭

  • 🔥βĄD⌖ŖĘƤ🔥

    I couldn't fix it just changed my lettering up


    Same here...said it couldn't authenticate despite my successful reserving of name. So now it wont let me change it to what I want so went with a close version. Messaged support but havent heard back yet....IT'S MY 100 tb BONUS AND I WANT IT NOW!! 😏

  • *Queen Nicole*

    Same here. Sad day in GS land.

  • SuperOreoMan

    Me too 😔

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