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  • 💫Donaido💫

    Anyone else having issues getting into the game. Haven’t being able to get in in the last 20 hours.

  • Sundance

    Yes. It now says the website certificate has expired as well. This might be the end of the road. Fine with me.

  • 🐟🐠Ⓕⓘ$⃝ⓗⓨ🐡Ⓐⓝⓕⓨ🐠🐟

    I had to turn my device’s clock back to send a support ticket. I also reminded them of this game’s 7th anniversary

  • 4nick8r

    Back on now 👋🏻


    TW was down as well - guess they decided to pay their bills after all.

  • JEB

    When's I saw it was an SSL issue, I knew it was not on my end. I believe SSLs are supposed to be bought for security reasons, and are generally required for most websites.

    But also, we here in Laramie just came out of a six-hour power outage, so lots of fun ...

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