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  • JEB


    With all if the crap that is going on, I will just put it out there that if people want to ditch the old system(s) and allow me to rule my GS empire in real life, I will ... With great humility ... accept the title of emperor, and all of the responsibilities that go with it.

    Just saying, if you need a volunteer ...

  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ


  • Yoshi

    Not even going through the “temporary dictator” phase? I admire your honesty!

  • JEB

    I believe in honesty. For example, no unlicensed protests. Anyone protesting without a license gets thrown in jail, anyone who does it a second time gets hard time added to it, and after the third offense, you kinda ... disappear.

    Just for a start. Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Empire (RME)
    Capital :: Cheyenne WY
    Gov Type: Limited Representation & Imperium

    Main form of Government: County level, each former county in the empire is a state within it, and is entitled to a number of members in the lower house, and two and only two members in the upper house.
    There is also a series of courts, although both of these branches can be overruled by the imperial authority. The Imperial Authority has total control of all foreign policy, military affairs, and the police forces.

  • Christymesa

    Good on ya

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