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  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ

    Is this another year without one?😕😕😕 I hope not.🤞🤞🤞

  • Yoshi

    The last event brought some life back to the game. No doubt this one would too. Maybe they thought 7x loot was too easy? I’d be fine with two 3x or 4x events per year honestly.

  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ

    Same. I just want the event. Something to look forward to on the game, instead of just the same daily grind.

  • Christymesa

    I was looking forward to it.
    It’s one way to catch up on when you miss 6 months of playing...

  • Dogman

    Turf wars can take their brens and fuck off

  • The Archduke

    Right. It’s not like the old code couldn’t be used. Can’t imagine it’s much effort to pull off.

  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ

    Maybe they'll just start without an announcement - it's happened before - but I'm no longer hopeful.

  • Christymesa

    Sad face.

    Now I’m going to have to actually talk to the rellies tomorrow

  • ᎢʘUCH👉ʘF😵DΞ∧͒TᎻ


  • ℻ Machine

    Just reminded support to stop being lazy. Probably falling on deaf ears

  • Yoshi

    Just as Jesus turned water into wine, for so many years The Chairman turned our arthritis into XM-8s. We took him for granted, and now he’s gone...

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