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    Bout to start rhymin numbers
    What a heart-cryin bummer
    Reminds of last summer
    Covid last longer for the dumber
    Hmmm, errr
    Spit it like one hund’erd
    Two hungered
    Til three mumbled
    Scheme for the cream
    Filled custard
    This tha last stand like mustard
    The coronal in tha lab wit a mic, filibustered


    Havent got a CLUE do YOU?
    How about TWO SHOE?
    Go an DO what they DO
    Example kick dog DOODOO
    Paranoid WHO after YOU
    Dont get on the mic- SHOO fly SHOO
    Rhyme for rhyme now BREW after BREW
    Look at each other all like “WHO KNEW”
    EDB spit like seance or VOODOO
    Fuck society, villainspit TOO EWW
    Paste Pot Pete with BLUE GLUE
    MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA Ha ha… hehe heh he hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*static*


    Ninety three!!!!!!! (93)
    EDB MC
    Spit it like lugie
    Make the microphone boogie
    associate of your bookie
    Pay me, keep it moving
    Monster like cookie
    Move ya feet if im shooting
    *Pow 💥 pow 💥 *
    Terrible short range
    Just like golf game
    Only play to get away
    Hear some hearsay
    An cop some clean yay
    EDB need an airplane
    An a pilot..
    figure it all out if i buy it.
    Dont try it
    Like the Dead Bird Diet
    You wouldnt survive it
    Side effects quiet


    Who know
    Whered the beer go
    Down the neck of a weirdo

    Wore a mask like a hero
    Behaved just like Nero
    Ah i lost em back to zero
    Poof he’s gone, disappearo

    Shake my pen-spear yo
    Spit that king lear yo
    Hooded whered his ear go
    Listen close you hear *no*

    Distract em *whisperin rhythm*
    Its psychological terrorism
    Dont care if you practice gayism
    Filter that thru ya prism

    Just keep it out my face
    disappeared again without a trace
    Haste, no time to waste
    Or stop to sniff the paste

    But plenty of time for flower
    Like every half hour
    Shower, nap power
    Tall tower, spit sour

    Ahh, Lemony fresh
    Like the birds of death
    ‘You been cookin meth,
    Or is that garlic on ya breathe?’

    Give it a rest
    Slanderer, at best
    Worst, just rest
    Manifest wild west

    Pew pew pew
    Totally got you
    Sniper on the hot spew
    Microphone drip snot too (eww)


    31- “Worst, just TEST”


    Hey yo its Undertaker 65
    Welcome to tha hive
    Ceremonial burial derived
    But theyll neva take me alive!!!
    Its what I scream daily at the Israeli Deli
    Try an serve me bagels via casus belli
    Rude, illusions typed out to a celly
    As I put it in my belly
    Sewer inducin
    Poo in
    EDB a shoe in
    …An ass
    The good finish last
    Goodiegirls like “hard pass”
    Oh wait back on topic
    My former ally displayed logic
    Joined up with philosophic
    Philly Philharmonic villain spark it
    Hop in UFO, she drive
    Just so you know, she only contact high
    Ah, arrived, via preferred form of ride
    We’ve vertically integrated Formaldehyde

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