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  • ໓lບຕ ཪ༱༓སཀ༮ས

    monk in the lab
    Stiff arms like dad
    Can’t discern good or bad
    deserve all I’ve had
    Plenty like money by the penny
    Many shots of henny
    Other kind shots of Jenny
    Hooker has em by the twenty
    Tent city livin pity
    Squalor scholar getting gritty
    Baller, taller spit it witty
    You know who if you in my city
    Flippin sidewalk cents into dimes
    Makes sense(cents), based purely on rhymes
    Money equals freedom my slum irons bust for it
    Incorporate for some of it


    Christmas morning
    No coal an we cold
    Balaclava cut cap
    feelin bold
    Cut the crap
    we can't fold
    Evening chap,
    fat white and old
    Stick you for ya sack
    spread the loot like its mold


    Lick st nick right quick
    Open bag select pick
    Fence the rest with a hick
    At the annual slick spit picnic
    What a prick
    Used a trick dick on the vic
    sick like average
    Tick like lyme bomb
    Slice mines, cervesas fine wine
    Heard it from the grape vine
    Plagiarize sangriaspit,
    Boom! lost my mind

  • ໓lບຕ ཪ༱༓སཀ༮ས

    Slum like gutter
    Spittin, drippin straight butter
    Pull out, spread a bread
    Pistolwhip bayonet
    Made meltin lead out in tha shed
    ‘What tha fuck he just said?’

    Spit it to the clarinet
    Classy Claire filet in a fish net
    Off the hook, when we just met
    “Readin your own book I bet”
    Let’s get Cuban coffee, forget a jet
    Last night in Miami, left.
    Tattoo of a treble clef
    Chemistry chef

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    Palette like a pallet
    She belong in a ballet
    “What the fuck did he say”
    Again, get it all day
    Reaction to the spit-spray
    Yo! get out tha way
    Heavy artillery at play
    Collateral damage ya brain
    Via soundwave
    Never built a man cave
    Laboratory like Igor
    Mule like eeyore
    scoop Winnie the poop
    In a coup
    No limit how low Ill stoop
    At her friend Betty boop
    Leftover meat for the soup
    Cook open can of asswhoop
    It’s the alien brain group
    Make your frontal lobe droop
    Examine it wita jewelers loupe
    Take my findings before the rhymer troupe
    Paste pot pete made grimier goop
    Oh shoot, dupe the dude before he recoup
    Regroup, spit some snoop,
    Swoop in on an ally-oop

  • ଧΛ͒ᄄꙬאԦ⎀ᡶি®ԍᇀᖆ¥

    Eh, these days no hops
    My old man call me pops
    Porters poppin tops
    Slops food like sharks do
    No cops or pork chops, dude
    American beers get screwed
    Spit it sloppy lewd
    So I can keep my ladies nude
    An in a good attitude
    Uh oh the moon bring a mood
    Ass out and rhyme crude
    A coffee beer interlude


    To tha boob tube glued
    How her hot ass got shoed
    Noisy and colorful, a cartoon
    Called her morty, too soon
    Blow like hot air balloon
    Hop in, go vroom
    Classless in the ball room
    Apologies to the groom
    Shes his, I assume
    Dishin position like spoon
    Pawn her bling ring too
    Sex game hotter than june
    In the northern hemisphere
    Tella whore what clothes to wear
    Birthday suit exposin bare
    EDB coachin fair
    “Walk a fly route, right down the track”
    “Betta have my bread before ya buttonhook back”

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