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    What a guy
    Let some verbs fly
    Recruit a new spy
    Eye for eye you say? Damn
    Im definitely a blind man
    Deaf an dumb as they come
    Okey dokey from tha slum
    EDB off that rum drum
    Hollow head like the report said
    Spat that, sneak attack
    Saw my doc for that
    said quack quack
    All back to back
    No chance to backstab, backslash
    Yo come thru to the barbeque
    Special guest you know who
    My good friend Gin and juice
    Perhaps ladyfriends whos loose
    ..Ugh stick to the shed
    For sticky icky, or the bed
    I live functional, like road head
    Screams guilty, never pled
    judge an jury, Severed headspit
    Can’t remember what I said, kid
    Write it all down instead
    Hire a scribe
    Bish to drive
    Keep EDB alive
    Spray it to the sky
    Added mind to the hive
    Leverage lives, your missions survive
    Flip the switch to overdrive


    They called it iatrophobia
    Fear of killers who dont know ya
    Theyre billers but dont blow ya
    Let the dick doctor show ya

    Horrors, he released meat
    Indecent exposure, its beneath me
    I dont know her, so when she leave me
    You go grow her contagion hebee jeebie

    Whew, she was just a nurse!
    Cant imagine whats worse
    The scrubs or no purse?
    Get stuck in insane wards

    With little but his words
    Contemplate eating alive birds
    Out the window dropping turds
    Talks in rhymes, neva learns

    Fight that insurance stuff
    This white coat gangs tough
    Vampires dont sleep enough
    Electives make a cream puff buff

    Bite it, scarecrow
    Suck it up, like the marrow
    Corpse creator, harrow
    Bring ya wheelbarrow

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