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    Moroccan tea’s mint
    Organic water fresh from Flint
    Feelin lucky like Clint
    Play a punk for a stint
    Tease it, call it teaspit
    Thirsty? Appease it
    Get the gears grinding, grease it
    Easier than finding trees, kid
    honeybees are just to sweeten it
    Felt soft, cold tea, just heatin it//

    Ahmad Tea outta London
    “English tea #1” cuppin
    1 cup up, im done in
    1 cent per herb pouch
    Trash like Oscar the Grouch/
    Feels sophisticated
    Like fisticuffs made it
    Punch drunk elated
    Slip tha vodka just to taste it
    Dont mind to waste it
    By tonight, ill be wasted
    Its alright, ive faced it/
    Fears like sharks, doctors, and peers
    There’s simply not enough beer
    Switched it up sippin clear
    Anonymous alcoholic of the year

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