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    So I reached level 101 during the early evening hours of 5/9/2022, and I have to admit that it’s quite lonely up here. However, it feels incredibly good to be at a level that no other player has ever reached before, even if seeing “Level 101” in my profile and on the header is just for cosmetic purposes and provides no real advantage (in fact, it provides a disadvantage strategy-wise since I’ve lost 68 workers in the process - I have screenshot evidence; my worker count went from 16156 to 16088). I don’t even know if level 101 is permanent, and I have avoided doing jobs the past few days because of the fear of reverting to level 100 (though I do miss my workers at the same time). Anyway, post the date you reached level 101 here!

    - Your friendly OB-GYN and musician, Ma non troppo

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