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    Congratulations on being the new top player!

  • 🎼ma🤰non🚫troppo🌴

    Thank you WarrenH and huge shoutout to XERO for cheering me on in my messages! It’s been about 5 years of grinding to reach here. I miss the old times where I could gain 100-200k influence in a week and buying workers without price ramping, so to simulate it, I spent most of last week building about 350 1 inf bases with only warehouses, then adding the DCs all in one shot. I’m now one step closer to achieving my long-term goal of hitting 5 million inf without tearing down agents by this game’s 10 year anniversary, now it’s a matter of seeing if there’s enough Tib left for me on the map to reach it. I have a feeling that XERO will eventually catch up, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts ☺️

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