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    Congrats on reaching #1 on the influence leaderboard! Slow and steady wins the race. I’ll let you enjoy it for a few days (like how I did when I reached #1 - I took lots of screenshots 😊) then I plan to start racing to 5 million to reach my goal by the game’s 10 year anniversary. Let’s get there together! The sky’s the limit at this point (well up to the amount of Tiberium left that can be found on the map - you have the upper hand long-term since I have more bases stuck with agents)


    Gonna need to change those plans. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • 🎼ma🤰non🚫troppo🌴

    PINΞSΛ͒P wrote:

    Gonna need to change those plans. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    I have been given the green light by your teammate XERO in my messages 2 days ago (I have screenshot evidence if need be). Is there a way that we could resolve this problem with diplomacy (I read this somewhere in the help section)? I want to reach my goals while avoiding fighting since I get along with your teammate. Also, I think it would be best if the team I’m currently in and yours become allies since we’re fighting the same enemy team (NWS).

    I know that the game is called “Global Supremacy”, but being #1 on the influence leaderboard, as I’ve briefly experienced, provides minimal benefits strategy-wise (the only benefits I see are emotional/psychological fulfillment and bragging rights)

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