Managing your Empire


You can earn Cash from several sources:

  • Your Bases
  • Doing Jobs – better Jobs have better rewards.
  • Stealing from other players in Disputes

Running an Empire costs money too – these can cut down on the amount of Cash you can collect.

  • Upkeep of Weapons, Armor, and defensive base Upgrades
  • Losing to other players in Disputes

Upkeep is taken out of your Income when you collect it.

You can see how much each of your bases are earning you by visiting your Profile and tapping the “View” button under your Bases stat.

Maximizing Cash

Building Bases is the best way to improve your Cash flow. Building bases in more-crowded Territories increases their Income, but may increase the chance of them being Acquired by hostile players.

Maintaining an army of Agents can be expensive, especially when you’re first starting out. Only purchase the minimum amount of Weapons & Armor you need to properly equip your Agents. Build defensive Upgrades on Bases that are in danger of being Acquired to avoid overspending. Cash can be a little tight when you’re first building your Dispute strength, but with some smart management you’ll be ready to hit the big leagues!


Resources are necessary to build Base Upgrades. You can get Resources by going to the Map and Scanning for them.

Maximizing Resources

Territories with fewer players generate more Resources when you Scan – building bases in more remote areas can increase your Resource generation.


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