Global Supremacy Game Guide

Here is the Strategy Guide that was originally posted on Central Desktop wiki. Originally published July 17th, 2013.


Achievements track your progress towards specific goals, and are a great source of Tiberium! You can see your open Achievements and check progress by visiting the Jobs screen and tapping the “Achievements” button.

Acquisition Zone

This is the area surrounding a base where it is vulnerable to Acquisition by other players. It is represented by a dashed Red circle on the Map when you tap the base (when in Build Mode).

Acquiring (Bases)

You can Acquire another Base by building your own Base within its Acquisition Zone (visible as a dashed red circle on the Map by entering Build mode and tapping on the Base), and then Disputing it. If you meet the necessary conditions (displayed on the other Base’s profile screen), and you have enough well-equipped Agents, you can Dispute it until its Health reaches zero. Once acquired, the base is yours!


Agents are your primary source of strength in Disputes. Hiring them can be expensive, but you’ll need them to defend your Bases from competitors and mount your own attacks. Make the most of your Agents by buying a Weapon and an Armor for each Agent you have (they will be used automatically in Disputes).


Defensive items that will increase your Agents’ power when you or your bases are involved in Disputes. Each Agent needs 1 Armor to be effective on defense. Purchase Armor by visiting your Profile and tapping “Get Items”.


The most important components of your empire in Global Supremacy are Bases. Bases are your primary source of Income and establish your presence in Territories. Build Upgrades on your Base by visiting its profile screen, scrolling down to its Inventory, and tapping the “Build Upgrades” button. You can also Use certain items on Bases, such as Quick-Set Concrete to repair your base, or C4 to damage someone else’s bases. To see a list of usable items, tap the “Use Item” button on the base’s profile screen.


The main currency in Global Supremacy – use Cash to build Bases and purchase Weapons & Armor for your Agents. You can acquire Cash by running Jobs, collecting your Bases’s Income, or purchasing it with Tiberium.

Creation Zone

The area surrounding a base where you can build new bases. Represented (on your bases only) by a Green circle on the Map (when in Build Mode).


The player whose bases have the most total Influence in a Territory becomes its Director. You can tell who’s the Director of a Territory by tapping inside it on the Map – Territories where you are the Director will be shaded more on the Map.


Got a competitor moving in on your territory? Need some quick XP and Cash? Dispute a player or their Bases to show them whose boss. Don’t forget to hire enough Agents and purchase enough Weapons & Armor to equip them! If you dispute a Base, you can Acquire it if you meet the right conditions. You can team up with friends and share resources by joining a Syndicate.


You need Energy to run Jobs. You can increase your total Energy capacity by visiting your Profile and using Skill points. Your current energy level is located at the top your screen and represented by an orange lightning icon. Energy continuously regenerates with a rolling timer located next to the icon.

Exclusion Zone

The area surrounding a base where no other bases may be built. Represented by a Red square on the Map (when in Build Mode).


You need Health to Dispute other players. When your Health below 30, you will not be able to Dispute other players or their Bases, and will be automatically protected from others’ Disputes until you recover. Your personal Health is not affected when other players Dispute your Bases, and your Bases can still be Disputed when your Health is low. Your Bases also have Health, and may be damaged when other players Dispute them – if a Base’s Health is brought to 0, it runs the risk of being Acquired. You can increase your total personal Health capacity by visiting your Profile and using Skill points. You may quickly increase heal by tapping the “heal” button on your profile.


The amount of Cash your Bases generate in 24 hours. Don’t forget to collect your Income by visiting your Profile!


Influence is a measure of a base’s size, and your total area controlled. Gain Influence by building Bases and building Upgrades on them. Bases with more Influence cover more area on the Map, and have increased Creation, Scan, and Exclusion zones. The player whose bases have the most total Influence in a Territory becomes its Director.


The list of items you or your Bases currently possess. You can find your personal Inventory on your Profile screen, including your Weapons, Armor, and unequipped Upgrades. To see the Inventory for one of your Bases, go to its profile (via the Territory button on the Home Menu. From there you can add more Upgrades to the base, or tear down any Upgrades you no longer need).


Jobs are the quickest way to increase your XP and get quick Cash. Jobs require Energy to be completed. Jobs are divided into several groupings, which you can select from the menu above the Job list – higher-level groupings have better Jobs!

The Map

The Main Global Supremacy interface and starting point for the game. From here you can view nearby Bases and Territories in your area and around the world, Scan for items, build new Bases, and access key features via the Home Menu.

PR (Public Relations)

Attacking significantly weaker players can result in a Public Relations penalty – which reduces your power in Disputes. Every player starts with 1000 PR, and every 10 PR points lost reduces your Attack/Defense power by 1%. Avoid letting your PR fall to 0 – if it does, anyone can take you out! PR points eventually regenerate in time.


Visit your Profile to manage your Empire. Here you can collect your Income, purchase & sell items, view your Skills and stats, manage settings, and more.


Resources are needed to build Upgrades. You can acquire Resources by Scanning on the Map, or using Tiberium.


Scanning is the primary way to get Resources, Upgrades, and Tools. To Scan, go to the Map and tap the Scan button. You can scan for higher-level items by tapping and holding the Scan button, then selecting the Tier you want to scan at. Higher tiers require more Stamina, but give you better items and increased Resource quantities.


Improve your Skills by playing the game – i.e. Disputing other players will increase your weapon skills, Scanning increases your scanning skills, etc. As your Skills improve, so does your effectiveness, especially when you pass the Competency Level (1000) for each Skill! Any increases past Competency have a greater effect on your abilities, but decline over time back to the Competency Level. You can acquire Skill Points when you reach a new Level, or quickly increase them using Tiberium.


Each base has a limited number of Slots for Upgrades – the default is 4. You can expand the number of Slots for a base by building Upgrades such as a Warehouse.


You need Stamina to Scan the Map, as well as to initiate Disputes with other players and their Bases. You can increase your Stamina by visiting your Profile and using Skill points.


Collaborate, communicate and share with your friends by joining their Syndicate.


Global Supremacy takes real-world boundaries of cities, states, provinces, countries, and more – putting them on the Map for you to conquer! There are 5 levels of Territories:

  • level 4: cities, neighborhoods, subdivisions
  • level 3: counties, large cities, districts
  • level 2: states, provinces, counties (UK)
  • level 1: countries
  • level 0: the World

The player whose bases have the most total Influence in a Territory becomes its Director.


Recent explorations of the Earth’s mantle have turned up an exotic element previously unknown to scientists. Stronger than graphene, harder than diamond, and more versatile than steel, Tiberium is strictly regulated and therefore highly-prized on the black market. Use Tiberium to save on Upgrade construction time, refresh your Energy/Health/Stamina, hire Workers, and more! Tiberium will be earned as you play the game and can also be acquired through in-app purchases.


Miscellaneous items with special abilities, such as refilling Energy, blowing up competitors’ bases, and more! Tools may be acquired by Scanning the Map; excess quantities can be sold by visiting your Profile and tapping “Get Items.”


Upgrade your Bases to increase their Influence & Income, improve their defensive power in Disputes, increase your number of Agents, and more! You can get Upgrades by Scanning the Map.


Weapons and certain Upgrades require Upkeep, which is subtracted from your Income when you collect it.


Use Weapons to increase the power of your Agents – better Weapons increase your chance of winning Disputes. Make sure to purchase a Weapon for each Agent to maximize their effectiveness.


Workers are necessary to build and acquire new Bases. When your total number of bases exceeds your Worker count, bases are no longer instantly constructed, and will take an increasing amount of time to build before you can upgrade or collect income from them.


Gain Experience by doing Jobs and Disputing other players. More Experience increases your Level, and unlocks more powerful items and extra Workers!

Combat (“Disputes”)

As you expand your reach, you may eventually be involved in Disputes.

Disputing Players

You can dispute players by visiting their Profile and tapping the “Dispute” button. You can also find a list of nearby players to dispute by going to the Home Menu and tapping the “Dispute” button. There are no location requirements for disputing players – you can dispute anyone you can find!

Disputing Bases

You can also dispute any bases within 62mi of you or your bases’ locations. You do this by visiting their Profile (via the Map) and tapping the “Dispute” button. In addition, bases may be Acquired during disputes.

You can also use special items (such as C4) to damage a base’s defenses without Disputing it.


Disputing requires Stamina (when attacking only) and Health – if either of these are too low then you can’t dispute another player. Players can still Dispute you if you run out of Stamina, but once your Health drops below 30 you’ll be protected from personal disputes (they can still dispute your Bases though).

When players dispute your Bases, only the Base’s Health is damaged – not yours.

You can refill your Stamina with StimPills, or by using Tiberium for a quick power-up. Health can be restored by visiting your Profile and tapping the “Heal” button or using a Medkit item.

Winning Disputes

Improve your chances of winning Disputes by increasing your power – hire more Agents and purchase 1 Weapon and 1 Armor per Agent (the best-available Weapons/Armor are automatically used in combat). Unarmed Agents and excess Weapons/Armor are not used in Disputes.

Your power in disputes is determined by a few key factors:

  • Your total Agent count
  • The Weapons & Armor you have in your Inventory
  • Your Dispute Skills
  • Defensive Upgrades present (if disputing a base)
  • Bonuses & Penalties

How Power is Calculated

The dispute system assigns the best available Weapons and Armor, 1 per Agent. It then sums up the combined Attack Points (if you’re initiating the dispute), or Defense Points (if you’re being disputed by someone else). This is your Raw Power.

Depending on the situation, one or more Bonuses may apply to you or your opponent.

Public Relations (PR)

Attacking newer and less-punchy players is not good for your reputation, and doing so will hurt your Public Relations (PR).

Your PR score starts at 1000 and will never go down, unless you Dispute a player who is much weaker than you. You’ll be warned before Disputing a player if you will get a PR hit – if you continue, you will lose PR for each attack. PR regenerates at a rate of 1 point every 10 minutes.

Effects of Lower PR

PR has a major effect on your Dispute power – low PR will make you much weaker than full strength. For example, if your PR is 500, then your Dispute power will be 50% lower, hit 300 and you will be 70% weaker. Extremely-low PR players can be taken out by anyone, and zero PR players can’t attack anyone.

Acquiring Bases

You can Acquire other players’ Bases by building your own base near them, then Disputing them until their Health reaches 0.

Acquiring bases requires a little bit of strategy, but once you’re familiar with it you’ll be taking out your competitors in no time. To acquire another base, you need to:

  • Have at least 1 spare Worker
  • Build at least 1 Base inside the other Base’s Acquisition Zone – you can find this by tapping inside the Red Exclusion zone on the base.
  • That base must have been owned by you for at least 24 hours
  • If the owner of the base isn’t under their daily Base Acquisition Limit, you’ll be able to Acquire the base by disputing it until its Health reaches 0.
  • To see if you can acquire a Base, check its Profile screen for more detailed info – when the base can be Acquired, the “Dispute” button’s text will change to “Acquire.”

Acquiring a base that is currently under construction will destroy it.



You can earn Cash from several sources:

  • Your Bases
  • Doing Jobs – better Jobs have better rewards.
  • Stealing from other players in Disputes

Running an Empire costs money too – these can cut down on the amount of Cash you can collect.

  • Upkeep of Weapons, Armor, and defensive base Upgrades
  • Losing to other players in Disputes

Upkeep is taken out of your Income when you collect it.

You can see how much each of your bases are earning you by visiting your Profile and tapping the “View” button under your Bases stat.

Maximizing Cash

Building Bases is the best way to improve your Cash flow. Building bases in more-crowded Territories increases their Income, but may increase the chance of them being Acquired by hostile players. Maintaining an army of Agents can be expensive, especially when you’re first starting out. Only purchase the minimum amount of Weapons & Armor you need to properly equip your Agents. Build defensive Upgrades on Bases that are in danger of being Acquired to avoid overspending. Cash can be a little tight when you’re first building your Dispute strength, but with some smart management you’ll soon be ready to hit the big leagues!


Resources are necessary to build Base Upgrades. You can get Resources by going to the Map and Scanning for them.

Maximizing Resources

Territories with fewer players generate more Resources when you Scan, so building bases in remote areas can increase your Resource generation.


Bases mark your control over part of a Territory on the Map. Bases with more Influence cover more area on the Map and make an increased Income.

What Bases Do:

  • Generate Income, which maxes out every 24 hours.
  • Increases your Influence in the Territory they are located in.
  • Will increase your Agent count, if the right Upgrades are constructed.
  • Inform other players of your claim to an area.

Building a Base

You can build a base by going to the Map and tapping the “Build” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This switches the Map to build mode, and you should see different-colored areas show up on the Map. Tap anywhere in the green circle to build your base!


  • You can build anywhere within 500m of your current location, as well as nearby your existing bases.
  • You can’t build a base within 50m of an existing base
  • Bases in more-populated Territories generate more Income
  • Scans made around Bases in less-populated Territories will generate higher Resource quantities.
  • If you can’t see any green areas, hit the “Center” button to go to your current location, or find one of your existing bases.

Once your base is built, you’ll be able to visit its Profile screen and build Upgrades.

Upgrading a Base

Now that you’ve built your Base, Upgrade it to improve its value to your empire.

Before you can build any Upgrades, you’ll need to grab a few by Scanning the Map. Once you’ve collected a few items, you can build them at any one of your bases.

To build an Upgrade, go to the Base’s Profile screen and scroll down to its Inventory section. Tap the “Build Upgrades” button to launch a list of the Upgrades you’ve previously collected while scanning. Choose the quantity you want to build for each upgrade, and tap the “Build” button to begin construction. Upgrades all take a certain amount of time to build, and won’t provide their benefits to the base until they finish construction. You can use Tiberium to hurry the construction of an Upgrade and get its benefits immediately.

There are 3 main types of Upgrades:

  • Influence: Increases the Base’s Influence and Income, as well as its Scan and Creation Zones.
  • Defense: Increases a Base’s power when Disputed by other players, or increase your total number of Agents.
  • Special: Upgrades that increase the size of a Base’s Creation Zone, Scan Zone, and other bonuses.

Once you start construction of an Upgrade, it’s attached to that base and can’t be placed back into your Inventory – though you can tear down Upgrades, which removes them from the Base and destroys them.


Each Base has 3 special Zones, which are visible when in Build Mode on the Map.

  • Creation Zone: the area surrounding a base where you can build new bases. Represented by a Green circle (only visible on your bases).
  • Exclusion Zone: the area surrounding a base where no other bases may be built. Represented by a Red square.
  • Acquisition Zone: the area surrounding a base where it is vulnerable to Acquisition by other players. Represented by a dashed Red circle (when you tap on the base’s Exclusion Zone).


Workers are required to instantly build new Bases. If you build or acquire more bases than you have Workers, bases begin to require an increasing amount of time to build.

You can see your Worker count by visiting your Base List (via your Profile). Worker count increases as you level up, and you can hire more Workers immediately with Tiberium.

Note: you must have an available worker to acquire another person’s base.

Defending Your Bases

Your Bases are automatically defended by your Agents when another player Disputes them. This damages the Base’s Health (but not your own Health).

The best way to increase your Bases’ defenses is by hiring & equipping more Agents, which increases your strength in all Disputes.

You can also build Upgrades which have a Defense Bonus, like the Electric Fence etc. Defense Bonuses are added to your base strength (which is based on your Agents and Weapons/Armor).

To reduce the chances of your Bases being Acquired, your best bet is to increase your personal Dispute strength. You can also use diplomacy to make friends with players in your area, and avoid building in areas with hostile players. There’s safety in numbers – joining a Syndicate lets you share resources with other players and makes other players think twice about Disputing your claims!

Using the Map

Bases are shown as squares on the Map – bases with more Influence are bigger. Bases on the Map are color-coded by their current owner.

To build a base, simply tap the Build button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen – you’ll see the Map change its look – Green areas are places you can build in, and Red areas are places you can’t – bases need to be at least 50 meters apart. Once you find a location you like, tap on it to build there.

Territories are real-world areas (such as neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, etc) on the Map. While every territory has a different shape, you can recognize them by their borders – if you’re not sure which territory you’re seeing just tap it to bring up its name. When you’re zoomed in the Map displays cities & neighborhoods – zoom out to see counties, states, countries, etc.

In the default Map mode, territories you have a base in will be colored with your bases’ color – all others will be gray. Striped-gray territories are currently unoccupied by anyone

Scanning the Map is the primary way to get Resources and Upgrades for your Bases. To enter Scanning Mode, just tap the Scan button in the bottom Map toolbar – you’ll see the blue scanning zones around your current location and your bases. Tap anywhere in the scanning zones to run your scan – you’ll see the scan animation and several icons pop up. Tap the Green icons to collect Resources, and the Yellow icons to collect items.


Tap a question to see its answer!

What is a location-based game?
A location-based game uses your current location to create a unique game around your area and the other players who populate it. Instead of made-up squares on a game map, you’re playing in the real world – every location is unique! Global Supremacy respects your privacy, and does not display your location to anyone else in the game.
Can I lose my base?
Other players can Acquire your base if they build their own base(s) close enough to it, and if they are more powerful than you. Make sure to get enough Agents and buy enough Weapons and Armor to increase your combat power.
How can I acquire someone else’s base?
You can Acquire another base by building your own base within its Acquisition Zone (you can see this as a dashed circle on the Map when you tap on the base while in Build mode). You’ll also need to be strong enough to overpower the base’s defenses – get more Agents by building the right Upgrades on your Bases, and equip them properly to increase your chances of winning!
What are the benefits of being a Territory’s Director?
Territory Directors get a 10% Income bonus on all Bases they control in it, as well as recognition on the Leaderboards and the Map. You can quickly see Territories’ Directors on the Map by setting the Filter to “Territory Directors.”
How do I scan for items in different tiers?
As your level increases, you’ll be able to Scan for better items by selecting a higher Scanning Tier. To do this, tap & hold the Scan button on the Map, then slide your finger over the Tier you’d like to scan at. Higher Scan Tiers require more Stamina per scan, but you’ll get better items and Resource quantities when you scan!
What are the rules of engagement that determine who can attack each other?
You can attack any player anywhere in the world, and any base within 62mi of you or your bases’ locations. You can Acquire a base by building your own base inside its Acquisition Zone. Keep an eye out for your PR score! Attacking players below your ability level can result in a PR hit and reduce your power in Disputes.
What determines how many bases I can build?
The number of bases you can build is limited by your Worker count. When you’re low on Workers, bases will begin to take time to construct, and while the base is under construction you won’t be able to upgrade it. You can increase your Worker count by leveling up, or you can hire more Workers using Tiberium.
Are there items I can’t buy?
Certain classes of items, like Upgrades and Tools, cannot be purchased via your Profile. To get these items, you’ll need to Scan for them or do certain Jobs.

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