Syndicate Wars

What Are Syndicate Wars?

The Syndicate War feature lets syndicates Declare War on other Syndicates and individual players, and combine their Dispute power with targeted players in local Disputes.

Some of the visible changes related to Syndicate Wars include:

  • New “Syndicate Relations” section on Syndicate home screens.
  • Interface for Syndicate creators to declare and end Wars on Syndicates, available on Syndicate profile screens (when targeting a Syndicate) and player profile screens (when targeting individual players).
  • During Disputes, the ability for local members of a Syndicate to automatically Join Forces against an opponent, if their Syndicate has declared war on that opponent.
  • Ability to view territories and bases by their owner/Director’s Syndicate on the Map (requires Global Supremacy version 1.10).
  • New “manage” screen for Syndicate creators to edit their Syndicate’s details.

Declaring War

Syndicates can declare War on any other syndicate or individual player. War declarations are unilateral – the Target of the War doesn’t have to declare War in return before the War starts. However, it can be advantageous for the Target to declare War in return, if they decide to. Only the creator of a syndicate may declare or end Wars.

You can target entire Syndicates (via their profile screen) or players (via their profile screens). You can only individually target players who are NOT a member of a Syndicate. If a player leaves a syndicate during a War, the War declaration will transfer to them individually. It’s the syndicate’s choice decide whether to remove the player from their War list.

Syndicates can declare war on a maximum of 30 players at any given time; when declaring War on a syndicate, its member count is automatically included in this total.

Wars aren’t instant – there’s a Mobilization Period of 1 day from the moment War is declared. Your syndicate won’t get the War advantages until this Mobilization period has passed, although it may suffer some disadvantages during this period. Wars can last as long as the syndicate wishes – there’s no time limit or cooldown period.

Advantages of Declaring War

  • +40% offensive bonus against the targeted player, or all players in a targeted syndicates.
  • Chance of a nearby fellow member of your alliance Joining Forces in the dispute and helping you beat targeted players (see “Joining Forces in Disputes” for details).

Disadvantages of Declaring War

These apply to ALL members of a syndicate that is at war with at least 1 syndicate or player.

  • You lose your base acquisition limits and PR protections when attacked by the target of your syndicate’s War.
  • -40% defensive penalty against all other non-targeted players/syndicates, i.e. “everyone else.”
  • Syndicate members are vulnerable during the Mobilization period (1 day after War declaration).

Joining Forces in Disputes

The key advantage of Syndicate Wars is getting help from your fellow syndicate members during Disputes. Joining Forces is heavily location-based, and only fellow members (up to 3) with bases close to your opponent will assist you against them. This offers a distinct advantage to Syndicates with a strong presence in an area.

When disputing Bases, Syndicate members with one or more bases in the same city (level 4 Territory) will assist in the Dispute.

When disputing Players, Syndicate members with one or more bases located within 6mi of the defending player will assist in the Dispute.

Local Syndicate members also need to have enough [H]Health and [S]Stamina to assist in the Dispute. If not, they will sit out of all Disputes until they recover.

NOTE: Each member’s contribution power to a Dispute will be limited to 5x of the primary attacker’s Dispute Power, when attacking or defending. This is intended to prevent extremely weak players from gaining excessive advantages in Disputes by simply joining a syndicate.

Effects on Bonuses & Penalties

When multiple players Join Forces in a Dispute, Bonuses & penalties are largely unaffected –  they are still based on the individual attacker/defender. The obvious exceptions are the Synd. Target and Synd. Warring bonuses/penalties when a War is in effect between the attacker and defender.

Public Relations: when Joining Forces, the PR hit (if any) is based on the combined power of the attacker vs. the defender. In some cases, this may result in a PR hit when disputing a player who otherwise wouldn’t generate a PR hit when disputed one-on-one. PR hits when Joining Forces are applied to participating players only – not all members of the Syndicate.

By the Numbers

  • 30: The maximum number of players or syndicate members that can be targeted at any time.
  • 3: The minimum number of members a syndicate must have to Declare War.
  • 1 day: The time after the War declaration that you must wait to experience the advantages during Disputes.
  • 3: The maximum number of fellow syndicate members who can Join Forces in a Dispute.

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