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  • GinjaNinja2016

    New player, from Long Island, NY. Can I join?

  • Dragonk1n9

    Join Demonic Uprising now

  • V҉A҉N҉🍁


  • El Chapo JR.

    Can I join?

  • Todinger

    GΓΛΥFΘΧ wrote:

    ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ is recruiting in the New York Metro Area. That includes NJ, NY (includes upstate as well) & CT. Come enjoy the jersey shore, some heros (subs) or of course the best pizza you'll ever find. 🍕🍻🍗⚾️🏉ʙoяdeя⚔ƿaтяoʟ™ is a national syndicate that helps new players grow and get started, as well as other players. We welcome you to join our family! Message me for more information!


  • ཇ༨པ༉རབས

    Bronze Dictator wrote:

    Did someone say FREE PIZZA?!?!

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