The Basics

As you expand your reach, you may eventually be involved in Disputes.

Disputing Players

You can dispute players by visiting their Profile and tapping the “Dispute” button. You can also find a list of nearby players to dispute by going to the Home Menu and tapping the “Dispute” button. There are no location requirements for disputing players – you can dispute anyone you can find!

Disputing Bases

You can also dispute any bases within 62mi of you or your bases’ locations. You can also do this by visiting their Profile (via the Map) and tapping the “Dispute” button. In addition, bases may be Acquired during disputes.

You can also use special items (such as C4) to damage a base’s defenses without Disputing it.


Disputing requires [S]Stamina (when attacking only) and [H]Health – if either of these are too low you can’t dispute another player. Players can still Dispute you if you run out of Stamina, but once your Health drops below 30 you’ll be protected from personal disputes (they can still dispute your Bases though).

When players dispute your Bases, only the Base’s Health is damaged – not yours.

You can refill your Stamina with StimPills, or by using TTiberium for a quick power-up. Health can be restored by visiting your Profile and tapping the “Heal” button or using a Medkit item.

Winning Disputes

Improve your chances of winning Disputes by increasing your power – hire more Agents and purchase 1 Weapon and 1 Armor per Agent (the best-available Weapons/Armor are automatically used in combat).

Your power in disputes is determined by a few key factors:

  • Your total Agent count
  • The Weapons & Armor you have in your Inventory
  • Your Dispute Skills
  • Defensive Upgrades present (if disputing a base)
  • Bonuses & Penalties

To make the most of each Agent, you should have 1 Weapon and 1 Armor per Agent – unarmed Agents and excess Weapons/Armor are not used in Disputes.

The dispute system automatically picks your best Weapons/Armor to use, both when you’re on the offense or when you’re defending yourself or your Bases.

How Power is Calculated

The dispute system assigns the best available Weapons and Armor, 1 per Agent. It then sums up the combined Attack Points (if you’re initiating the dispute), or Defense Points (if you’re being disputed by someone else). This is your Raw Power.

Depending on the situation, one or more Bonuses may apply to you or your opponent.

Public Relations (PR)

Attacking newer and less-punchy players is not good for your reputation, and doing so will hurt your Public Relations (PR).

Your PR score starts at 1000 and will never go down, unless you Dispute a player who is much weaker than you.

You’ll be warned before Disputing a player if you will get a PR hit – if you continue, you will lose PR for each attack. PR regenerates at a rate of 1 point every 10 minutes.

Effects of Lower PR

PR has a major effect on your Dispute power – low PR will make you much weaker than full strength. For example, if your PR is 500, then your Dispute power will be 50% lower, hit 300 and you will be 70% weaker. Extremely-low PR players can be taken out by anyone, and zero PR players can’t attack anyone.

Bonuses & Penalties

Once you get familiar with Disputes, you may be curious what external factors affect the outcome. Global Supremacy uses several types of bonuses & penalties to affect Dispute outcomes. These include:

  • “Too Aggressive” penalty – you may run into this if you regularly initiate Disputes against a weaker player without them retaliating.
  • Skill bonus – you can increase this by increasing your Disputes Skill.
  • Bad PR penalty – you will run into this if your Public Relations are reduced from disputing weaker players.
  • Inactive penalty – players who haven’t collected their Income in more than 30 days will receive this defensive penalty.
  • Synd. Target bonus – you’ll get this bonus if your Syndicate is currently at War with your opponent.
  • Synd. Warring penalty – you’ll get this defensive penalty if a neutral player disputes you while your Syndicate is at War with someone else.
  • Synd. Power penalty – you’ll get this offensive/defensive penalty if you are significantly weaker than your assisting Syndicate members. Assisting members’ contributions are limited to 5x your total Combat Power.

You can quickly see which bonuses & penalties are affecting a Dispute by tapping the “See Bonuses” button in the Dispute result dialog after the fight.

Acquiring Bases

You can Acquire other player’s Bases by building your own base near them, then Disputing them until their Health reaches 0.

Acquiring bases requires a little bit of strategy, but once you’re familiar with the it you’ll be taking out your competitors in no time. To acquire another base, you need to:

  • Have at least 1 spare Worker
  • Build at least 1 Base inside the other Base’s Acquisition Zone – you can find this by tapping inside the Red Exclusion zone on the base.
  • That base must have been owned by you for at least 24 hours

If the owner of the base isn’t under their daily Base Acquisition Limit, you’ll be able to Acquire the base by disputing it until its Health reaches 0.

To see if you can acquire a Base, check its Profile screen for more detailed info – when the base can be Acquired, the “Dispute” button’s text will change to “Acquire.”

Acquiring a base that is currently under construction will destroy it.

Syndicate Wars

If you’re a member of a syndicate that has declared war on your opponent, you’ll also gain some advantages during Disputes. See the syndicate war help for more details.


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