What is a Syndicate?

Syndicates let you join together with other players to socialize and help you expand your control over your local area.

If you’re being hassled by another player or syndicate, you can Declare War on them and fight with your locally-based syndicate members to get a fast combat power boost against your enemy.

On the flip side you can team up with your neighbors to take on your local Director for their title and wealth.


Members of syndicates may share their wealth by gifting things to fellow members – up to one gift per day.

You can share the following gifts with other members:

  • Resources
  • Cash
  • TTiberium

Creating a Syndicate:

Anyone level 5 or higher may create a syndicate by visiting the “Syndicates” screen from the Home screen.

You can target or invite players by visiting their profiles and tapping the “invite to syndicate” button. Players with lots of Agents and good weapons are good friends to have – they let you take on bigger targets.

Joining a Syndicate:

Anyone can join a syndicate. However, before you can do this, you will need a syndicate founder to invite you to join it. Try visiting the syndicate recruiting forum to see who’s recruiting new members right now.

Hint: it’s better to join a syndicate with members located in your area or near bases you control, which will be useful if your syndicate gets involved in a War.

Leaving a Syndicate

When you leave a syndicate, you will need to wait for a Cooldown Period of 1 week before you’ll be able to join or found another syndicate. Make sure you’re 100% ready to leave a syndicate before you click the button!

Players with lots of Agents and good weapons are good friends to have – they let you take on bigger targets.

Dissolving a Syndicate:

If you’d rather not manage a syndicate, you can choose to Dissolve it. Dissolving a syndicate removes all members and deletes it. Dissolving a syndicate won’t necessarily get you or your members out of a War with another syndicate – you and your syndicate’s members will still need to petition other syndicates to drop their Wars against you.

IMPORTANT: all members of the syndicate will be subject to the Cooldown Period, so you may want to discuss dissolving the syndicate with your syndicate’s members before doing so.

You also have the option of transferring control of a syndicate to another member of that syndicate. Just contact Support and tell us the name of the player you wish to transfer control to. The other player will also need to contact Support to confirm this.

Syndicate Wars

You can gain major advantages over local players and syndicates by Declaring War on them. This lets your local syndicate members Join Forces against your targets – but be careful of the potential pitfalls!

For more on Syndicate Wars, see the syndicate war help.

Syndicate Tradeoffs

Founding or joining a Syndicate offers many advantages, but there are some tradeoffs…

While Syndicates allow you to pool your combat strength with your Syndicate mates, your bases will gain a minimum Acquisition Radius of 100 meters, which means they will have a larger area vulnerable to Acquisition by other players. This is the case regardless of your Syndicate’s War status with other players.


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