The Basics

Bases mark your control over part of a Territory on the Map. Bases with more Influence cover more area on the Map and make an increased Income.

What Bases Do:

  • Generate Income, which maxes out every 24 hours.
  • Increases your Influence in the Territory they are located in.
  • Will increase your Agent count, if the right Upgrades are constructed.
  • Inform other players of your claim to an area.

Building a Base

You can build a base by going to the Map and tapping the “Build” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This switches the Map to build mode, and you should see different-colored areas show up on the Map. Tap anywhere in the green circle to build your base!


  • You can build anywhere within 500m of your current location, as well as nearby your existing bases.
  • You can’t build a base within 50m of an existing base
  • Bases in more-populated Territories generate more Income
  • Scans made around Bases in less-populated Territories will generate higher Resource quantities.
  • If you can’t see any green areas, hit the “Center” button to go to your current location, or find one of your existing bases.

Once your base is built, you’ll be able to visit its Profile screen and build Upgrades.

Upgrading a Base

Now that you’ve built your Base, it’s time to Upgrade it to improve it’s value to your empire.

Before you can build any Upgrades, you’ll need to grab a few by Scanning the Map. Once you’ve collected a few items, you can build them at any one of your bases.

To build an Upgrade, go to the Base’s Profile screen and scroll down to its Inventory section. Tap the “Build Upgrades” button to launch a list of the Upgrades you’ve previously collected while scanning. Choose the quantity you want to build for each upgrade, and tap the “Build” button to begin construction.

Upgrades all take a certain amount of time to build, and won’t provide their benefits to the base until they finish construction. You can use TTiberium to hurry the construction of an Upgrade and get its benefits immediately.

There are 3 main types of Upgrades:

  • Influence: Increases the Base’s Influence and Income, as well as its Scan and Creation Zones.
  • Defense: Increases a Base’s power when Disputed by other players, or increase your total number of Agents.
  • Special: Upgrades that increase the size of a Base’s Creation Zone, Scan Zone, and other bonuses.

Once you start construction of an Upgrade, it’s attached to that base and can’t be placed back into your Inventory – though you can tear down Upgrades, which removes them from the Base and destroys them.


Each Base has 3 special Zones, which are visible when in Build Mode on the Map.

Base Zones
  • Creation Zone: the area surrounding a base where you can build new bases. Represented by a Green circle (only visible on your bases). Its size is based on the base’s Influence, base upgrades, as well as your Base Building Skill when you built the base.
  • Exclusion Zone: the area surrounding a base where no other bases may be built. Represented by a Red square. Same for all bases, but can be expanded using certain Base Upgrades.
  • Acquisition Zone: the area surrounding a base where it is vulnerable to Acquisition by other players. Represented by a dashed Red circle (when you tap on the base’s Exclusion Zone). Based on either the base’s Influence (for smaller players), or for larger players their total number of bases. Territory Directors receive a 50% bonus reduction on all the bases they own in that territory.


Workers are required to build new Bases. When you have more Workers than existing Bases, you’ll be able to build Bases instantly. If you build or acquire more bases than you have Workers, bases begin to require an increasing amount of time to build.

You can see your Worker count by visiting your Base list. Worker count increases as you level up, and you can hire more Workers immediately with TTiberium.

Note: you can’t Acquire more bases than your total Worker count.

Key Base Terms

These terms are all defined in the glossary

  • Influence
  • Health
  • Income
  • Upkeep
  • Slots
  • Agents
  • Acquisition Zone
  • Exclusion Zone
  • Creation Zone

Defending Your Bases

Your Bases are automatically defended by your Agents when another player Disputes them. This damages the Base’s Health (but not your own Health).

The best way to increase your Bases’ defenses is by hiring & equipping more Agents, which increases your strength in all Disputes.

You can also build Upgrades which have a Defense Bonus, like the Electric Fence etc. Defense Bonuses are added to your base strength (which is based on your Agents and Weapons/Armor).

To reduce the chances of your Bases being Acquired, your best bet is to increase your personal Dispute strength. You can also use diplomacy to make friends with players in your area, and avoid building in areas with hostile players. There’s safety in numbers – joining a Syndicate lets you share resources with other players and makes other players think twice about Disputing your claims!

For more details on Disputes & Bases, see the Disputes help


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