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Achievements track your progress towards specific goals, and are a great source of TTiberium!

You can see your open Achievements and your progress by visiting the Jobs screen and tapping the “Achievements” button.

Acquisition Zone
The area surrounding a base where it is vulnerable to Acquisition by other players. Represented by a dashed Red circle on the Map when you tap the base (when in Build Mode).
Acquiring (Bases)

You can Acquire another Base by building your own Base within its Acquisition Zone (visible as a dashed red circle on the Map by entering Build mode and tapping on the Base), and then Disputing it.

If you meet the necessary conditions (displayed on the other Base’s profile screen), and you have enough well-equipped Agents, you can Dispute it until its Health reaches zero. Once acquired, the base is yours!


Agents are your primary source of strength in Disputes. Hiring them can be expensive, but you’ll need them to defend your Bases from competitors and mount your own attacks.

Make the most of your Agents by buying a Weapon and an Armor for each Agent you have (they will be used automatically in Disputes).

Defensive items that will increase your Agents’ power when you or your bases are involved in Disputes. Each Agent needs 1 Armor to be effective on defense. Purchase Armor by visiting your Profile and tapping “Get Items.”

The most important components of your empire in Global Supremacy are Bases. Bases are your primary source of Income and establish your presence in Territories.

Build Upgrades on your Base by visiting its profile screen, scrolling down to its Inventory, and tapping the “Build Upgrades” button.

You can also Use certain items on Bases, such as Quick-Set Concrete to repair your base, or C4 to damage someone else’s bases. To see a list of usable items, tap the “Use Item” button on the base’s profile screen.

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The main currency in Global Supremacy – use Cash to build Bases and purchase Weapons & Armor for your Agents. You can acquire Cash by running Jobs, collecting your Bases’s Income, or purchasing it with TTiberium.
Creation Zone
The area surrounding a base where you can build new bases. Represented (on your bases only) by a Green circle on the Map (when in Build Mode).
The player whose bases have the most total Influence in a Territory becomes its Director. Being a Territory’s Director gives you a 10% bonus on your Bases’ income in that Territory, and reduces those bases’ Acquisition Range/ You can tell who’s the Director of a Territory by tapping inside it on the Map – Territories where you are the Director will be shaded more on the Map.

Got a competitor moving in on your territory? Need some quick XP and Cash? Dispute a player or their Bases to show them whose boss. Don’t forget to hire enough Agents and purchase enough Weapons & Armor to equip them!

If you dispute a Base, you can Acquire it if you meet the right conditions.

You can team up with friends and share resources by joining a Syndicate.

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You need Energy to run Jobs. You can increase your Energy by visiting your Profile and using Skill points.
Exclusion Zone
The area surrounding a base where no other bases may be built. Represented by a Red square on the Map (when in Build Mode).

You need Health to Dispute other players. When your Health is below 30, you will not be able to Dispute other players or their Bases, and will be automatically protected from others’ Disputes until you recover. Your personal Health is not affected when other players Dispute your Bases, and your Bases can still be Disputed when your Health is low.

Your Bases also have Health, and may be damaged when other players Dispute them – if a Base’s Health is brought to 0, it runs the risk of being Acquired.

You can increase your personal Health by visiting your Profile and using Skill points.

The amount of Cash your Bases generate in 24 hours. Don’t forget to collect your Income by visiting your Profile!
Influence is a measure of a base’s size, and your total area controlled. Gain Influence by building Bases and building Upgrades on them. Bases with more Influence cover more area on the Map, and have increased Creation, Scan, and Exclusion zones. The player whose bases have the most total Influence in a Territory becomes its Director.

The list of items you or your Bases currently possess.

You can find your personal Inventory on your Profile screen, including your Weapons, Armor, and unequipped Upgrades.

To see the Inventory for one of your Bases, go to its profile (via the Territory button on the Home Menu. From there you can add more Upgrades to the base, or tear down any Upgrades you no longer need.

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Jobs are the quickest way to increase your XP and get quick Cash. Jobs require Energy to be completed. Jobs are divided into several groupings, which you can select from the menu above the Job list – higher-level groupings have better Jobs!
The Map

The Main Global Supremacy interface and starting point for the game. From here you can view nearby Bases and Territories in your area and around the world, Scan for items, build new Bases, and access key features via the Home Menu.

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As your empire grows, the cost to administer it increases, reducing your net Income. This is Overhead, and it increases with the number of bases you own. You can reduce the effect of Overhead by increasing your Income skill, which can be accomplished by collecting your Income regularly.
PR (Public Relations)
Attacking weaker players than you can result in a Public Relations penalty – which reduces your power in Disputes. Every player starts with 1000 PR, and every 10 PR points lost reduces your Attack/Defense power by 1%. Avoid letting your PR fall to 0 – if it does, anyone can take you out!
Visit your Profile to manage your Empire. Here you can collect your Income, purchase & sell items, view your Skills and stats, manage settings, and more.
Resources are needed to build Upgrades. You can acquire Resources by Scanning on the Map, or using TTiberium.
Scanning is the primary way to get Resources, Upgrades, and Tools. To Scan, go to the Map and tap the Scan button. You can scan for higher-level items by tapping and holding the Scan button, then selecting the Tier you want to scan at. Higher tiers require more Stamina, but give you better items and increased Resource quantities.

Improve your Skills by playing the game – i.e. Disputing other players will increase your weapon skills, Scanning increases your scanning skills, etc. As your Skills improve, so does your effectiveness, especially when you pass the Mastery Level for each Skill! Any increases past Mastery have a greater effect on your abilities, but decline over time back to the Mastery Level.

You can acquire Skill Points when you reach a new Level, or quickly increase them using TTiberium.

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Each base has a limited number of Slots for Upgrades – the default is 4. You can expand the number of Slots for a base by building Upgrades such as a Warehouse.
You need Stamina to Scan the Map, as well as to initiate Disputes with other players and their Bases. You can increase your Stamina by visiting your Profile and using Skill points.
Collaborate and communicate with your friends by joining their Syndicate.
Global Supremacy takes real-world boundaries of cities, states, provinces, countries, and more – putting them on the Map for you to conquer! There are 5 levels of Territories:
  • level 4: cities, neighborhoods, subdivisions
  • level 3: counties, large cities, districts
  • level 2: states, provinces, counties (UK)
  • level 1: countries
  • level 0: the World

You can get a Tiberium bonus for exploring new territories – just look for territories with a T icon in them on the Map.

The player whose bases have the most total Influence in a Territory becomes its Director.


Recent explorations of the Earth’s mantle have turned up an exotic element previously unknown to scientists. Stronger than graphene, harder than diamond, and more versatile than steel, TTiberium is strictly regulated and therefore highly-prized on the black market.

Use Tiberium to save on Upgrade construction time, refresh your [E]Energy/[+]Health/[S]Stamina, hire Workers, and more! Tiberium can be earned as you play the game (via exploring new Territories, and Achievements), and can also be acquired through in-app purchases.

Miscellaneous items with special abilities, such as refilling Energy, blowing up competitors’ bases, and more! Tools may be acquired by Scanning the Map; excess quantities can be sold by visiting your Profile and tapping “Get Items.”
Upgrade your Bases to increase their Influence & Income, improve their defensive power in Disputes, increase your number of Agents, and more! You can get Upgrades by Scanning the Map.
Weapons and certain Upgrades require Upkeep, which is subtracted from your Income when you collect it.
Use Weapons to increase the power of your Agents – better Weapons increase your chance of winning Disputes. Make sure to purchase a Weapon for each Agent to maximize their effectiveness.
Workers are necessary to build and Acquire new Bases. When your total number of bases exceeds your Worker count, bases are no longer instantly constructed, and will take an increasing amount of time to build before you can upgrade or collect income from them.
Gain Experience by doing Jobs and Disputing other players. More Experience increases your Level, and unlocks more powerful items and extra Workers!

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